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How SMS works with clients

"Mike, What are your Profit Improvement Programs about?"

At SMS, a Key Account is a client for whom we can significantly improve profits by helping them:

Our client's problems and opportunities are starting points for developing our Profit Improvement Programs. Together we become partners in creating new profits - and minimizing lost profits. That's the basis of our win-win relationship.

Together, we will conduct a Needs Analysis where we examine, qualify, and quantify problems and opportunities. We carefully plan increased profits after we determine the following:

Thus, our "product" is improved client profits.

Together we carefully plan and apply personal expertise for new profit making. We then create a schedule of work to achieve objectives - with control procedures - to ensure promised profits on schedule.

"Mike, what is a Needs Analysis?"

A Needs Analysis is an impartial study of your environment, based upon interviews with key personnel in your organization.

Together, we'll identify the most appropriate systems specifications for satisfying your needs and objectives. Our objective is to identify the most appropriate technological solutions for

Then, we produce your Confidential Needs Analysis Report.

In some instances, we may address needs and objectives that you might not have considered. This has always been our practice, as we feel it is our obligation to go beyond merely responding to conditions - to anticipate circumstances that are not yet obvious.

The Needs Analysis Report has three major sections:

  1. Analysis and Recommendations
  2. Needs Analysis Summary
  3. Systems Specification Summary

Further, we divide your Needs Analysis Report into application areas, with special emphasis on objectives and conditions that currently prevent fulfillment.

We will develop recommendations as a System Specification - a technological solution - that directly solves the problem under discussion.

Together we'll design your Profit Improvement Program by specifying a System of technological solutions, where we address application areas one-at-a-time.

Thus, any solutions you consider -- not just one of ours -- must conform to those specifications to satisfy your objectives. Further, solutions are implemented if, and only if, they can be shown to increase profits.

"Mike, What do you mean by 'technological solution'?"

A Technological Solution is a solution that uses a technical, scientific method for solving problems or seizing opportunities. Both the Needs Analysis and Profit Improvement Programs are themselves Technological Solutions, designed to improve your profits!

Our Most Important Document:

Our most important document is our Maximum Action Service Team Pledge. It sets the context of our doing business. Please read it. Frankly, I would hesitate doing business with someone who wouldn't live up the these standards.

Please read our Maximum Action Service Team Pledge, then press BACK to return.

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Client Comments

"... professional and appropriate ... always punctual ... well coordinated." J.C., System Engineer, IBM/ROLM, San Jose, CA

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