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Businesses start and fail in the U. S. at an amazing rate!

Every year, over 500,000 people start a business. Within one year, 40% are out of business. Within five years, more than 80% fail.

What happened to the Dream ... the fame and fortune ... the overnight success?

The key to business success is a process called "business development."

You can systematically apply it to any business.

Businesses don't work by themselves; people work. The thing that makes people work is an idea worth working for.

The reasons people start businesses have little to do with entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship echoes heroic efforts and self-sacrifice. But, the Entrepreneur exists for only a moment.

What was the entrepreneur doing before starting the business? Probably technical work for someone else ...

... And ... suddenly ... the Technician is seized by an Entrepreneurial Dream.

"I'll cut the cord! I'll be the boss!"

The Entrepreneur starts the business. But the Technician goes to work. When starting a business, Technicians make this fatal assumption:

"If I'm an expert at doing the technical work of a business...I'll be an expert at running a business that does the technical work."

However, knowing the technical work of the business becomes the new Entrepreneur's biggest liability!

... And the BIG IDEA...

... the entrepreneurial dream... turns into the Technician's nightmare!

Why? The technical work of a business and the business of doing the technical work are two different things!

The solution is to learn how to make the business work.

The purpose of Senior Management Services is to help people make business work. This website covers some of the basic principles.

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