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"... finally, a proven system I can use NOW to turn my stagnant career into hot opportunities and higher salaries!"

Here's how one simple 7-step process can accelerate your career, help you become recognized as an expert, free up your time, increase your income, and earn your promotions starting today!

Dear Frustrated Employee,

If you can read these simple words, you've got everything you need to accelerate your own career more than you ever thought possible -- professionally, legally, and without backstabbing -- GUARANTEED!

(In fact, your boss will love you for taking these easy steps.)

You can try many ways to build your career. But, one of the easiest, most proven ways to build your career is for you to gain status as a recognized expert and "go-to resource" in your field.

To do that, you must make sure you get people to SEE you as an expert. Once you do, imagine this:

You command a higher income,

You earn better promotions,

You develop "fans" who will praise you and refer you to fantastic opportunities,

You gain the respect, attention, and support of your managers, subordinates, clients and friends.

But, here's the problem...

You can try many ways to do this. But... you know that most ways take too much time. Others ways cost you a lot of money for education. Or, you must stoop to degrading politics.

Most people don't know THE easiest and most effective way you can do all this.

FORGET about making yourself "irreplaceable!" Instead, make yourself "RE-placeable!"

Instead, make yourself upwardly mobile by developing your own Operations Manual so you can train someone else to do your job(s).

"WHOA Mike! What the heck is an Operations Manual?"

Please let me explain. An "Operations Manual" is simply a document that tells someone how to do a given job. For example, if I hired you for a position in my company, I would hand you that position's Operations Manual so you could WIN at that position from the get-go!

People call "Operations Manuals" by many names. You can call it an instruction manual, owner's manual, recipe book, user manual, how-to book, installation manual, etc. But, no matter what you call it, here's what the famous genius who revitalized Japanese industry said:

If you can't describe what you're doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing!"
-- W. Edward Deming

So, for your current job... your Operations Manual would contain the necessary background and steps for doing your job. You could then give it to someone and move on to your next position. Or, you could take a worry-free vacation because your work will be done right - by someone else. Here's what I say:

"Nothing is smarter than describing what you are doing in an Operations Manual that shows others how to do it! ALWAYS DO THIS BEFORE ASKING FOR A RAISE OR PROMOTION!"
-- Mike Hayden

"But Mike, won't it be hard for me to develop an Operations Manual?"

Frankly, you WILL find it difficult - UNLESS you know effective strategies and take the easy steps needed to do it (and do it right). But, it doesn't have to be difficult for you! Here's why...

Finally! You can be taking your career to the next level as early as today!

If you will use the proven career tactics and techniques in The Ultimate Career Builder manual, you can positively transform your career into hot opportunities without risk!

My step-by-step program will reveal to you THE quick-and-easy 7-step SYSTEM for planning and promoting yourself in your own career - absolutely guaranteed to help you boost your career. (Yes, I just said "guaranteed." More on this later.)

Now, today, you can unleash your enormous potential. It's lying dormant in your career right now. And you can start tapping into your own HUGE potential almost immediately as you learn how to develop your Operations Manual that will set you free!�

But, your Operations Manual must be more than a typical "manual." Because WHAT you put in your Operations Manual and HOW you capitalize on it will make a huge difference between your success and failure.

Do you want to know how powerful your Operations Manual can be? Would you like to know how publishing your Operations Manual could dramatically accelerate your career and income? Here are:

6 Powerful reasons you need an Operations Manual right now! (You won't believe how much you're leaving on the table!)

No matter what your position or career... no matter what what your job is, your Operations Manual will help you:

1. Amplify YOUR skills and abilities into extraordinary results. (Let's face it. If you can't produce great results, you can't get much of a raise or promotion. You can't even take a peaceful vacation until you can replace yourself.)

2. Make more money while you work less time. (If you don't continuously increase your income, you won't even keep up with inflation.)

3. Relieve your worries and improve control of your workload. (If you can't control your workload, you can't produce consistent results.

4. Gain prestige by streamlining your current production into high performance. (This will definitely turn skeptical bosses, executives, investors, and customers into your loyal fans!)

5. Relieve your pressure of having to boost production by working longer hours. (When you streamline your work, you'll positively gain the respect and attention from your peers and management.)

6. Train others. (Development of personnel is the most sought after skill in business and YOU will be able to do it. I show you HOW in The Ultimate Career Builder manual and step-by-step workbook.)

Proof - "Makes documenting a position easy!"

My system makes it easy for you. You can think of my system as an Operations Manual for developing Operations Manuals! Listen to what Kathy Gillen, Management Consultant said:

Wow -- I'm impressed! ... The workbook checklist ... is worth the price alone! ... I've coached executives and entrepreneurs for many years and this is the first program I've ever seen that makes documenting a position or business easy...

"... I know many people who would never have been laid off if they'd had this program in place -- and I'll encourage my clients to use it as they plan their next promotion. Your overview and illustrations took a complex process and made it understandable.

"The "Objectives Questionnaire" makes it simple to stay focused. I've struggled for years as I've tried to put a process in place -- you broke it into bite-size pieces! ... [I] know the next steps to take. [...] an extremely valuable book for both corporate executives as well as entrepreneurs!"
-- Kathy Gillen, Management Consultant

REVEALED! Simple secrets to transform your career into hot opportunities in 7 easy steps to get RESULTS you want - GUARANTEED!

Here's how I learned successful employee secrets.

In 1984, I found out that the most really successful companies rely on Operations Manuals! Their employees document their work so ordinary people can successfully perform the technical work of the business.

Meanwhile, many companies around here were going BUST! I was not surprised to discover that most employees in these companies did not document their work. They just didn't know any better -- and no one told them.

So, I created a formula for developing Operations Manuals. I tested and refined my formula for my clients such as Applied Materials, Sun Microsystems, UltraTech, World Savings, and others.

I had learned how to do it RIGHT, so my business was overflowing. I was so busy, I had to turn away clients. I also was perceived as an "instant expert," which led to higher fees and raving clients.

Suddenly, I was working with executives to help their employees build their businesses. And it was FUN! Executives are most interested in employees who can help build their business. (If you can't help build the company, you will work for a minimal salary because there's no added value that justifies "more money?")

When colleagues saw my success, they BEGGED me ... "Mike, show me how you do it! Show me how I can use these ideas to boost my career."

That's why I decided to offer my system with its winning, proven formula to people like YOU.

And, I KNOW you don't need hype or arcane business jargon that requires an MBA degree to understand. What you DO need is a clear and exact map to success that tells you everything you need to know to develop your own complete Operations Manual -- guaranteed to transform your career into HOT opportunities.

And that's what I'm offering you - guaranteed - with my newly updated The Ultimate Career Builder manual and step-by-step workbook.

The Ultimate Career Builder tells you everything...

... everything you NEED to know:

How to evaluate your current situation and what you can do to take it to the next level.

How to leverage what you already know into career moves that benefit everyone. (What you know is worth MUCH MORE than what you DO - but ONLY when it's in your Operations Manual!)

How to execute each of my 7 easy steps to assure your success and keep yourself on track.

How to get the attention of prospective managers eager to see you use YOUR proven Operations Manual turn them (and you) into STARS! (If you don't do this, you will be a target of envy and sabotage!)

How to stand out from your competitors (professionally, without making enemies).

How to become the employee of choice.

How to pre-sell your promotion and get your manager on your side. (Do this and you'll accelerate your career progress.)

How to zero-in on the new career opportunities you want. (Don't be like most who sit and wait for opportunities to come to them.)

How to use proven techniques to build your credibility.

How to build your solid foundation for career-long personal advancement. (If you fail to do this, you will be starting over, and over, ... and over.)

How to build trust and rapport with prospective managers.

And much more ...

There's much more to it. But, as you go through the step-by-step process in my complete how-to manual, you will be amazed at how easy it will be for you.

Read below what Noel Rodrigue, Consultant, wrote in his letter to me...

Proof - "This book reads itself! ... a tremendous time-saver."

"Mike, my first reaction to your book was a realization that you had captured my attention completely. Something not everyone can manage to do. This book reads itself! Using conversations throughout was a stroke of genius! ... having a 'blank' skeleton [template] to work from is a tremendous time-saver.

"... I have been there and many of your experiences resonated strongly with my memories of some past positions!

"The concept and the approach to put it to work are simple, effective and easy to implement. If I were starting a business [and hiring] employees, I'd put this kind of system into effect from the start, even before the first employee showed up! [...] "
-- Noel Rodrigue, Consultant / Freelance Writer

Watch as I guide you through the entire process... step-by-step... from start to finish.

If you're like most dedicated people, I know you want to share your valuable knowledge by publishing an Operations Manual. But, you may be overwhelmed with all the components involved. Or maybe you are not even sure where to start.

Well, I'm going to show you exactly, step-by-step, how to develop and profit from your own Operations Manual.

Chained to your job? I now have more FREEDOM in my life than ever before because I used my own formula to develop my own Operations Manual. I now own a completely documented business worth a small fortune.

Now, you can instantly gain prestige and FREEDOM by harnessing the knowledge and techniques that took me many years to develop and document. In fact, when you consider the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that I invested in books, consultants, and advanced training, you're gaining much more.

And as you'll see in a minute, I not only guarantee that you'll love this package, but I guarantee my tools, tactics, and tips will work for you repeatedly for your entire working life. I wrote The Ultimate Career Builder so you could have a comprehensive program that covers the development of your Operations Manuals from A to Z (read on):

How to develop your Operations Manual, even if you can't write your way out of a paper bag. (I'm not kidding.)

How to find others who have already done much of the work for you. (But you can't wait for them to come to you!)

How to assess your current situation, apply the correct formula, and set your objectives.

5 simple ways you can analyze your situation... (2 of these you've probably NEVER thought of - and you won't believe how easy they are!)

How to streamline creating your Operations Manual.

Step-by-step instructions on how to organize your resources. (Don't embarrass yourself - you NEED to know this stuff. I even show you how to find people who have already done much of the work and will be happy to help you.)

5 techniques to simplify the structure of your Operations Manual. (I myself started with nothing but chaos. Now we have all our positions documented in the same format. Just customize this form and you're ready to go.)

How you can create Action Plans that work. (Don't even think about starting your Operations Manual until you read and grasp this crucial concept - otherwise, your Operations Manual could BOMB!)

Over 30 ways to leverage your knowledge and skills to accelerate your professional objective(s).

Can you get your manager to create a new position for you? Page 27.

How to accelerate your promotability. Page 29.

How to build your own organization if you wish. Page 28.

How to conduct your checkout meeting with your manager and replacement. Page 68.

How to deal with people who resist change. Page 35.

How to handle a CRISIS. (Most people fail to take this most important 1st step!) Page 82.

How to handle your AUTHORITY. (Don't embarrass yourself by making this ruinous mistake.) Page 85.

How to make sure you are promotable. (Don't even think about moving up until you take these 3 important steps!) Page 59

How to meet with your manager. Page 36.

How to overcome a lifetime's worth of anti-business bias. (Overlook this at your own peril!) Page 32.

How to parse your work. (Fail to do this and it'll take you MUCH longer.) Page 48.

How to replace your fears with self-confidence. Page 35.

How you can successfully take a multi-tiered approach to "moving up." Page 57.

How you can use the Objectives Questionnaire to set your goals. Page 64.

How to use my Project Checkpoint Checklist (page 67) to help your successor win at your old position. (Fail to do this and your previous job will come back to haunt you.) Page 61.

How you can assess management positions. This will help you avoid wasting years of career progress. Page 20.

Important rules for building your own organization. (You NEED these rules for success.) Page 29.

Should you make a Proposal? Page 32.

What are the "5 States" - and how you can handle them? (When you learn this, you will know how to avoid emergencies and embarrassment.) Page 81.

What is a "manager?" (And why most managers don't know this key concept.) Page 21.

What is an "AVERAGE" state -- and what you should do about it. Page 84.

What is the difference between strategic and tactical work? (You MUST understand this or you'll stay STUCK!) Page 21.

What is the most important part of your own promotion? Page 29.

What is the real difference between management work and non-management work? (Those who don't know this stay STUCK for years!) Page 21.

What is unique about senior managers and why must you know this? Page 27.

What to do after your promotion. (Fail to do this and you'll be forever haunted by your previous job!) Page 86.

Who will gladly help you? (The easy way or the hard way - take your pick!) Page 37.

Why it's important to communicate your intentions. Page 32.

Why most working people are non-managers. Page 23

Why you must be a "business developer." (If you ignore this key to success you'll ALWAYS make less money.) Page 29.

Why some people fear that business development leads to job loss and how you should handle this situation. Page 34.

Why you are a Key Person. Page 35.

Why you must research your company's Org chart. Page 27.

Why you must make this key item part of your portfolio and resume! Page 42.

(Ready to order now? Click here.)

IMPORTANT: I neither sidestep problems nor glorify complex theories. I won't waste your time with trivial filler. I go for plain talk. I tell you exactly what you need to know - the good and the bad. I "spill the beans" and tell you how to accelerate and profit from your career. Here's what Kathy Condon, Executive Coach & Career Facilitator says:

Proof - "...practical ways you can profit today and for years to come "

"Dear Mike, Years ago, I was hired as an Executive Director... EVERYTHING was in disarray ... no processes in place and no one to ask. It took me years of hard work to make it work. If only I had [your] Workbook because it would have accelerated my success. [You give] insight into career challenges... practical ways [to] profit today and for years to come ... well thought out ... easy to follow... I recommend it to my clients.

"Mike has developed an amazing "How to Manual" that is not only easy to follow, but provides the "why" various components are important. Most of the time the "why" is left out when giving suggestions or directions. This is a well thought out book."
-- Kathy Condon, Executive Coach & Career Facilitator, International Speaker and Corporate Trainer. http://www.kathycondon.info

So lets get you started - the right way - today... Frankly, I have barely scratched the surface here, but there is more:

2 little known reasons people don't get promoted - and how you can avoid these humbling mistakes.

The 5 simple things you need to do BEFORE you communicate your intentions -- or you'll be kicking yourself later! (Planning ahead will save you time and avoid embarrassment!)

Dozens of profitable ideas, methods, templates and forms you will find so easy to apply. (I've definitely made this easy for you.)

The 5 sections that will help you develop you Operations Manual. (Without these sections, you will be missing the most professional game plan.)

5 powerful ways you can achieve more visibility in your profession. (Without embarrassment.)

7 easy steps to your next raise and promotion that you will use for your entire career. (Avoid these steps and you will slow your career development to a snail's pace.)

What you should know about how to implement your strategy and tactics.

PLUS you'll find a valuable appendix with over 30 pages of unique checklists, Action Plans, samples, examples, flowcharts, transcript of my speech, "The 5 States and what to DO about them," PLUS additional resources to help you create the FREEDOM and mobility you want in your career.

What's really great is that many people who buy The Ultimate Career Builder system experience FAST results.

Proof - "I have a new look at things."

"Dear Mike, I really enjoy our association. I have a new look at things - and new vigor! We're now writing down everything, step-by-step, for our (Operations Manuals) ... and starting new maintenance classes ... it's fun and interesting. Thanks."
-- S.G., VP Sales, High Plains Transportation, Denver, CO.

So, lets get you started - the right way - today...

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Bear in mind that I am giving you just a TEASER for what you will get from the BRAND NEW The Ultimate Career Builder, Version 2 - I can't possibly list every imaginable feature here.

I wrote this entire manual in plain conversational English that makes it easy for you to follow and use. You won't have to worry about guesswork because I give you a step-by-step workbook. You will know WHAT to do, WHEN and HOW to do it. I practically lead you by the hand!

OK, I'd have to be nuts to guarantee your success without giving you the resources you'll need to help you every step of the way. So to make sure you're really ready to power up, I have carefully assembled some special bonuses (explained below) that will give you an extra boost to quickly take your career to the next level -- and keep going.

When you buy The Ultimate Career Builder, you'll be learning a new tool to advance your career whether you're the chief - or the chief bottle washer. And if you opt for the Accelerator Package, you'll get some extra goodies to help you focus like a laser to accelerate your results.)

Proof - "... tips gave me security..."

"... knowing you were available for consulting and tips gave me the security to go about my tasks without fear of being 'out there alone.' Your techniques and skills are quite valuable, keep sharing them!"
--B.J., Consultant, San Francisco, CA.

Remember that I guarantee that you will be satisfied with my manual and your new career achievements or I will refund your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So lets get you started - the right way - today...

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FREE Subscription to Profitable Venture Tactics eZine (Value $197/year)

Your Profitable Venture Tactics eZine subscription is emailed to you with information, strategies, and techniques you can use immediately to help you advance your career, free up your time, and increase your income! (Cancel any time - but why would you?)

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Silver-Level Resource Library (Value $249) that includes:

This Bonus gives you unlimited access to my private Silver-Level Resource Library, which contains scores of articles about careers and business technology. You will be sent a password to a special page that contains links to these articles -- plus the built-in search feature. These articles cover such topics as:

Changing the way work works. How to avoid mismanagement of resources. How do you program important benchmarks? Do "motivational techniques" really help? Product development is an iterative process. How to use Controlling Calendars to streamline production. How to develop an Organizational Strategy that works. How to develop a SYSTEM that eliminates excuses and embarrassment.

Simplified ways to help you eliminate bottlenecks and isolate problems. How to organize for Quality Assurance. How to avoid the pitfalls of "Vanishing Technology." How to avoid 15 expensive mistakes in developing your business documentation. How to use use-case technology. How you can profit from organizational strategies based on information technology? How to use an organizational strategy that works for your company -- and your computer files. How to create success on purpose.

How to manage the essential difficulty with strategy and tactics. What is the documentation life cycle? How to secure and protect your proprietary business techniques and processes. Is your brainstorming getting the action you want? How to organize a Finance Department.

Managing Relationships in your Organization. Why it's important to separate PROCESS from DATA. Are your critical processes stalled? How to build a HUGE marketing organization without HUGE expenses What to do before all else fails.

And much, much more.

As you can see, most of these articles are how-to oriented. That's why I'm known as "The How-to Guru." These articles will be useful to you -- no matter your career, position, or business.

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2006 Report: Potent Organizational Strategies (Value $47)

For most hardworking employees, getting organized and staying that way is their biggest challenge. And you know that can be very frustrating. You may work hard... But, if you're disorganized you simply can't compete in today's dynamic markets. And I must tell you that once I finally learned and applied these organizational strategies, I had a stable career platform.

And I want the same to happen for YOU. That's why I want you to have this Special Report FREE (35-page digital PDF Report) worth $47 when you order The Ultimate Career Builder.

If you are like most of today's enthusiastic career-builders, you struggle to adapt to fast-changing markets. If so, your success likely depends on fast reaction to competition.

My Special 2006 Report, Potent Organizational Strategies, gives you various ways to design an organization, whether huge, modest, or tiny. After you read this Report you'll master little-known strategies that will give you that extra insight that will make you stand out in your field.

Generally speaking, your career goals determine how you structure your organization. In this report, I show you how you can use your goals to determine your organizational structure. This will intensify your success. In general, you need to know:

You must know the advantages or disadvantages of each organizational strategy. Much depends on your products, services, logistics, location(s), market dynamics, etc. For example, if you are involved in ongoing dynamic situations, you may need to reorganize or supplement your strategy with:

Special project teams

Cross-functional task forces

Dedicated work teams

Process teams

Better still, I wrote this Bonus Report to be 100% compatible with The Ultimate Career Builder. To make it extra clear for you I include numerous Org Charts, tables and examples. You will gain a solid understanding of organizational skills so you can streamline achievement of your career goals. After reading this special report, you'll know:

Why you need strategy-driven approaches to your organization structure.

How and when you should design functional organizations.

How you can focus skills in larger functional hierarchies.

When flat organizations are most effective.

How to manage horizontal (flat) organizations of teams.

When you should use small company structures to minimize management layers.

How to map out your advantages and disadvantages of matrix organizations.

The important difference between lightweight and heavyweight matrix organizations.

How to evaluate your tradeoffs between functional hierarchies and project teams.

Oh yes, please understand that I wrote this entire Report in plain, easy to understand English. So easy, I've done all the work for you.

So lets get you started - the right way - today...

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My Personal "Happy Camper" Guarantee!

12 full months to test-drive my program.

The Ultimate Career Builder must be the best system ever for transforming your career into hot opportunities or I'll give your money back!

I am 100% confident that my package will be the absolute best, most complete, and most useful system that you have ever seen to accelerate your career progress by developing your own Operations Manual.

What's more, I'm confident that if you follow my 7 Steps and use all the tools, tactics, and tips I share with you, you'll become recognized as an expert, free up your time, increase your income, earn promotions, and build your career!

So, if "The Ultimate Career Builder" package isn't everything you were expecting, and all my guidance and techniques don't produce the results you were looking for, just tell me you want a prompt refund within one full year of your purchase.

No reason needed. No questions asked.

Mike Hayden, Author, the Ultimate Career Builder

That's my promise.

Mike Hayden
"How-To Guru"

You won't find another career acceleration program as EASY, professional, practical, and powerful as The Ultimate Career Builder... Anywhere. I mean it!

I have looked. There's NOTHING that compares to The Ultimate Career Builder system.

Not only does this program give you all the guidance, strategies, and tactics you need, but it will save you YEARS of research and headaches! (Remember, my system took me over 10 years to research, develop, test, and refine.)

How much is that time and effort worth to YOU?

Let's say that you currently make $50,000 a year. If you multiply that by the 10 whole years it took me to assemble and mesh all this information, it would cost you about $500,000 for YOUR time to create and test this material by yourself. (But wait! It would cost you much more because you must still earn a living. Therefore, you would probably only seek and test this information part-time.)

Would I work that hard for those 10 years again? Absolutely!

Why? Because the knowledge I gained helped me build a career that gives me enduring FREEDOM in my life. Yes, it took lots of hard work and long nights. But what I learned is priceless.

But, YOU don't have to bust your chops and spend a fortune to learn how to do this. I'm handing it to you on a sliver platter! You will learn it faster, implement it faster, and reap your rewards faster because I've already done the hard work for you.

And because I've compiled The Ultimate Career Builder into a simple system, I can make it affordable for you.

The retail value of The Ultimate Career Builder manual by itself is $147. But, for a limited time, I will send you the digital version eBook PLUS Bonuses worth $197 for just $49.97! (You save $244.03 off regular retail!)

BEST DEAL! For just $10 more, I will send you a printed, spiral-bound copy IN ADDITION to the digital version eBook to get you started immediately -- PLUS I will send you Bonuses worth $493 for only $59.97 (plus shipping). (You save $580.03!) You'll want the printed version because you'll be using this manual for your whole working career(s).

Also... remember that when you invest in this package to further your career in business, your purchase is 100% tax deductible. That makes this an even better deal - you really can't lose!

OK. Let us review.

The Ultimate Career Builder will give career freedom -- FREEDOM from being shackled to your job -- so you can move up, so you can come and go as you please because someone else can do your job(s) while you're away.

If you're an employee and your boss can't replace you, you are NOT FREE to be promoted!

If you're a manager and you can't promote your people, you are NOT FREE to grow your department or company!

Whether you're an employee, manager, executive, or entrepreneur, if you can't replace yourself, you are NOT FREE -- you are literally chained to that job!

I'll bet that today you're the only one who knows how to do your job! There's no one who can replace you! But, I'm going to show you how to replace yourself -- the EASY way! It is NOT necessary that you do all the work yourself. But, it IS necessary that the work gets done.

Otherwise, you stay STUCK doing the same thing -- day after day after day! Do you call that a career? I doubt it!

People can give you a job, but no one can give you a career. You must build your own career!

To help you build and accelerate your career, "The Ultimate Career Builder," gives you complete instructions for replacing yourself, for promoting yourself -- so you are FREE to move up! It's a SYSTEM you can use repeatedly for your whole career.

Use the detailed The Ultimate Career Builder Progress Checklist Workbook to keep yourself on track at your own pace.

Unlike a common store-bought paperback, The Ultimate Career Builder is formatted in large 12-point type with plenty of room for your notes.

The optional Hardcopy Version is spiral-bound (large 8.5" x 11" format) lies flat as an easy-to-use workbook.

I packaged the optional Hardcopy Version between thick, clear-plastic covers that protect your vital career information and Action Plans. Covers also resist stains from food, coffee, and chocolate ;)

Your Hardcopy Version of The Ultimate Career Builder will be shipped same-day, UPS Priority, direct to you in protective bubble wrap, with Internet tracking.

And, if you choose the Accelerator Package with its extra bonuses, I give you unlimited access the Silver Membership Ultimate Career Builder Resource Library with back issues of Profitable Venture Tactics articles and resources -- and my built-in search feature gives you the fastest, profitable RESULTS -- at no extra charge.

At this point, I know I've done everything necessary...

At this point, I know I've done everything necessary to help you understand how The Ultimate Career Builder techniques can help you:

Become a recognized expert,

Free up your time,

Increase your income,

Earn promotions,

Train, motivate, and promote your subordinates,

FREE yourself from being CHAINED to a repetitive job!

Still, I see no reason for you to take a chance. After all, I'm the one making all the claims, asking you to believe me. All I want you to do is try my tools, tactics, and tips without risk.

You don't need "talent" or "education." If you can understand these simple words, you'll easily understand your Ultimate Career Builder manual. You don't have to overhaul your career... You won't have to endure tedious memorizing. You won't be trying risky unproved experiments.

So before you give up for good and resign yourself to a lifetime of being chained to tedious dead-end jobs and an uninspiring career, put your faith in me and what I tell you.

But, don't just take my word for it ... read this letter (verbatim) I received from a company president, Mr. Walton, on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 [bold emphasis added].

"... most sought after skill in business management..."

Dear Mike,

Here are some sobering numbers from Money magazine, April 2005: 1 of 4 workers age 35 to 45 and 1 of 2 over 45 have been in the same job for more than 10 years!

If you don't want this to describe you, grab this book and implement its clearly defined steps.

There are two primary reasons people don't get promoted - higher management doesn't see you as management talent or your immediate superior doesn't see who will fill your position if you are promoted. Often both reasons apply.

The Ultimate Career Builder addresses both these issues, with clear and specific steps to take as well as guidance on how to accomplish each step. This is not a philosophical book but a how to manual with checklists and workbook.

If you properly implement the seven steps in sequence, you will demonstrate an understanding of and a commitment to building the business of your company. This will mark you as a valuable management talent to be promoted. You will also solve the succession issue, which is probably the single biggest obstacle to promotion.

If your immediate superior is satisfied with your performance in your present position, s/he will not want to lose you. S/he needs your job done and done well. S/he will act, consciously or unconsciously, in ways that block your advancement. However, if the responsibilities and actions required to perform your job are clearly defined in an organized and written manner, s/he will have confidence that your replacement can get up to speed quickly. This will release you to assume a position of greater responsibility and higher compensation.

There is a very important point that The Ultimate Career Builder skips. The book suggests you re-apply the entire process in your new position to prepare for the next promotion. Imagine you have gone through the process three or four times, with you and your replacements performing well in the new positions each time. You will have demonstrated the rarest and most sought after skill in business management - the development of personnel.

This isn't just a book for your next raise; it is a manual for building an entire career. It can put a person of average intelligence and skills on the path to upper management in any company or institution.

Read, study and implement [this manual]. Then as soon as you are promoted, read, study and implement the 7 Steps again. It will be a life changing process.
-- Stew Walton, President, Sheaves, Inc. http://www.eSheaves.com

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The Ultimate Career Builder Specials The Ultimate Career Builder (Version 2) The Ultimate Career Builder (Version 2)
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Mike Hayden

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