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For Managers and Rising Organizational Stars:

Free Audio Tutorials: How to Organize a Business, How to Assign the Work, How to use Org Charts, and more.

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If you want to learn some key techniques for building successful organizations, you can request these free audio tutorials (mp3 files) from Senior Management Services.

You'll get audio excerpts from two books: The Ultimate Career Builder and Organize your Business for Success.

You will receive a new 5- to 20-minute excerpt every week or so at no charge.

However, you must specifically request these audio tutorials because I don't want to bombard my whole list. Let me explain.

Mike Hayden, Author

I want to send these gifts of learning to only those who WANT them - and will BENEFIT from them. (Of course, you can drop out with one click, but why would you?)

Click to request this FREE audio series .

Wait! What's all this about?

The Ultimate Career Builder (UCB) and Organize your Business for Success (OBS) give you valuable technology for building your organization.

  • UCB tells how to build an organization from the bottom-up.
  • OBS tells how to build an organization from the top-down.
  • UCB and OBS work together, by design. Together, they form my company's Bible.

The context is business organization. My audio tutorials will help you with business management, business process management, work instructions, organization charts, business planning, and more.

However ... you can use this same technology to develop any kind of an organization -- your department, your job, a corporation, a franchise, non-profit, restaurant, social club, hobby group, or motorcycle gang... you name it.

Click to request this FREE audio series .

OK. What's the catch? Why give away this valuable free technology?

First, I am developing an audio course that will accompany my UCB and OBS workbooks.

Second, after you become familiar with this technology, and not before, I will make you a special deal on the purchase of my books and complete audio course. (Not available in any store or elsewhere on the Internet.)

So, Why the Request Form Below?

When you fill in the form, you letting me know you're interested in learning about building your organization and career. And I'll be sending you some free audio classes and other goodies in the weeks to come. If you're on this special list, you get the gifts. I won't be sending this valuable information to anyone who hasn't requested it.

So, please fill in the form only if you're interested.

With your free audio program, I will also send you a FREE subscription to Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) and some surprise goodies. (You can cancel any time with one click.) I pack this eZine with tools, tips, and techniques you can use to maximize your career and business gains... to help you create favorable outcomes in our dicey world.

PRIVACY POLICY: We never rent, trade or sell our email list to anyone. Period. You'll never get unsolicited email because you joined this list. We hate *S*P*A*M* as much as you do. We treat our subscribers like friends. Welcome!

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