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The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants you to read."



Here's your next Ultimate Career Builder Audio Tutorial
for Advanced Career Education!

New! This audio series will now also include excerpts from my new book "Organize your Business for Success."

You'll get audio excerpts from two books: The Ultimate Career Builder and Organize your Business for Success.

You will receive a new 7- to 17-minute excerpt every week or so at no charge.

Mike Hayden, Author

Organize your Business for Success (OBS) Audio Tutorials
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OBS Tutorial 7 - Chapter 5.
Strategy, tactics, inheritance, and delegation.
How focusing on tactics alone can sidetrack your strategy. Lack of a SYSTEM causes the dis-integration of work. Words have meaning. Looking AT versus looking AS.

Sample Organization Chart

Please study this chart before you listen to the audio. This will help you visualize the discussion about strategy, tactics, inheritance, and delegation.

For example. the CEO's tactics of Marketing, Operations, and Finance are delegated downwards to departments of the same name.

Each VP inherits one of the CEO's tactics as their strategic objective. Each VP then creates tactics for achieving that strategic objective.

For example, the Marketing VP creates the tactics of Market Research, Advertising & Promotion, Sales, and Customer Service as shown on the Org Chart. These tactics become the strategic objective for the next level department manager (called Directors on the audio) on the Org Chart.

Management positions do strategic work to keep their strategic perspective. Tactical work is delegated to subordinate positions. That's why managers delegate tactics downwards. That's how a subordinate position inherits a manager's tactic as their strategic objective (which must then be divided into tactics to be delegated).

Org Chart

NOTE: If you received this page from a friend, you may request more audio tutorials by clicking one of these links, depending on your interest: Audio Tutorials for the Ultimate Career Builder or Audio Tutorials for Business Managers. (The audios are the same,butthe point of view is different.)

I'd love to hear what topics YOU would like to see covered in our information products.

Please send your ideas to Mike(at) We want to help you succeed. Let us know any other way we can help you.

Thank you again for joining us.

Faithfully in Freedom,

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