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"Mike, I wasn't sure if you would fit in here... You have been a wonderful asset to the company and I hope that we will be able to do business together again." W.C., Director Engineering, ThinkFree.Com

"WOW Mike ! Thanks for this extra useful template!!" Noel, Gatineau (Aylmer), QC, Canada

"Nice job, Mike. I really appreciate you're coming through for ThinkFree. I found it extremely hard to find someone sufficiently diligent and competent for them who'd agree to work onsite as much as they needed. It was a major relief to have them off my "emergency" list." A.D., President, Synergistech Communications, Inc.

"Excellent! In my opinion, the best manual/tutorial Qantel has ever produced!" E.I., Manager Marketing Applications, Qantel, Hayward, CA.

"This manual is unprecedented as a user's manual for ROLM Corporation ... most complete manual that has been prepared for ROLM ACD users." D.V., ACD Product Manager, ROLM Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.

"Hi Mike, Thanks for taking time to review our website... You strike me as a top-notch marketer and coach. I’ll bet you could take a business like mine and turn it into a real profit factory..." C. Cummings, MAI | President, Cummings Appraisal Group, Inc. Pasadena, CA

"Dear Mike, I've written this recommendation of your work to share … Mike is a professional contractor, knowledgeable and results oriented. He brings standard formats, templates and interviewing techniques that are very effective and produce high quality documentation... Mike is very personable and became my lead writer for our ISO 9001 documentation team. We documented over 100 processes covering every division during this successful project... Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert." R. Morin, QA Manager, Applied Materials

"Mike, your reply to Daphne's question shows a deep understanding of her target market. As a professional marketer, I'm impressed. And I'm hard to impress! Daphne would do well to consider and apply your feedback." Cheers, Brandon,

"... This is the best manual this company has brought out ... I actually read it! ... well laid out ... easy to find data quickly." Sales Rep, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

"We were skeptical because you were not a radiologist ... Thank you for all the effort and time ... for being flexible in the times of the day (nights) that we could work ... for thorough research, design, organization, writing, layout, accuracy ... was impressed when the manual passed our stringent Configuration Control Board without changes. Your effectiveness as an individual was a major key to the success. Excellent!" C.N., Product Marketing Specialist, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

"... knowing you were available for consulting and tips gave me the security to go about my tasks without fear of being 'out there alone.' Your techniques and skills are quite valuable, keep sharing them!" B.J., Consultant, San Francisco, CA.

“Thank you Mike… You are an amazing energy in all you do and your ideas. Pleased to be connected with you. Have great day.” Sue Almon-Pesch, Marketing & Advertising Consultant

"Mike, [in your] great book - Organizing Your Business For Success - you address, in plain and effective language, the issues that thwart so many start-ups, from restaurants to hi-tech. I've worked in management for major companies - ITT under Geneen, Kaiser Aluminum in the 60's -as well as having been through my own start-ups. When you talk of the pitfalls that come from overlooking, ignoring or misunderstanding the Big Four of effective management - Strategic Objective, Organizational Strategy, Org charts with Position Contracts, and Documentation - I have seen them first hand. Most companies, especially start-ups, are focused on their product and service, not the nuts and bolts of effective delivery. Yet effectiveness is what counts in the end. Best regards," Stew Walton

"I really enjoy our association. I have a new look at things - and new vigor! We're now writing down everything, step-by-step, for our (operations manuals) ... and starting new maintenance classes ... it's fun and interesting. Thanks." S.G., VP Sales, High Plains Transportation, Denver, CO.

"All questions answered knowledgeably ... documents accurately prepared ... activities properly recorded and reported." E.L., Director, Information Access, Belmont, CA.

"Interaction with our personnel is effective ... services free of problems." M.M., System Network Manager, IBM/ROLM, Santa Clara, CA.

"Mike - Thank you for the template... thank you for showing me how it could be tightened up. Great stuff." --Mona, Southern California

"... professional and appropriate ... always punctual ... well coordinated." J.C., System Engineer, IBM/ROLM, San Jose, CA

"I congratulate your design concept ... the job was a cinch with your having laid the design ground work ... I'll be happy to work with you again." E.L., President, InterMedia, Los Altos, CA

"Thank You! I appreciate the use of your materials." A.K., Principal, San Mateo, CA.

"Congratulations on an outstanding promotional idea!" C.G., Vice President, Data Disc, Sunnyvale, CA.

"I want to take a moment to let you know how much your support contributes to our Creative Department. Thank you again for your participation." T.C., Staff Manager, San Francisco, CA.

"I'm so pleased with the October Newsletter ... we had excellent response from it. It definitely produced action. Thanks!" D.A. Vice President, Barter Systems, San Mateo, CA.

"... recently I had the good fortune of coming across your informative newsletter ... please add me to your mailing list. Thank You." S.M.G., Principal, Harbrace House, Irvine CA.

"I, like most managers, receive a basket full of sales mail each day - most of it is trash, dull, and unimaginative. You succeed in telling about your product and yet sprinkle enough life into your letter that it got a whole reading - in fact even a response. Good work!" R.D., Director of Manufacturing, Cetec, Santa Clara, CA.

"...(we recently ran) your program ... we saved about 10 hours of machine time for a problem which used to run 18 hours!" A.B., Project Engineer, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO.

"Thank you very much for the effort you put forth on our project. We are all very pleased with the results you gave us." R.S., Research Scientist, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO.

"Thank you for your time, talent and generosity ... we are indeed impressed with your interest and dependability ... you have provided a most worthwhile service." J.D.S., Principal, Redwood City, CA.

"Thank you for minimizing the problems at SRI ... installation and acceptance of the computers at SLAC, Stanford, Singer Link. I have come to depend on your ability to get things done - and in a creative manner." B.J., District Manager, Scientific Data Systems, Sunnyvale, CA.

"(Certificate of Appreciation)... in recognition of outstanding support of TI's communication and leadership program." C. S., President, Diablo 598.

"Congratulation on achieving ATM ... reflects dedication ... high degree of enthusiasm ... strong self discipline ... effective communicator ..." T. J. M., Executive Director, Toastmasters International.

"I've always had confidence in your ability and enjoy working with you. I have every confidence that your support (in this area) will be professional and helpful." C. S., Principal, OutSource.

"Hi Mike, ... I have never seen someone so professional and organized... I respect and appreciate your time on this." Best Regards, TJ

"Awesome course, Mike ... absolutely loved it!!!! Thanks for the link to your report... its really REVEALING!!!!... applaud your research! Cheers!" Ash Patel. Director

"Hi Mike, Wow!... that was quick & detailed (honestly didn't anticipate it). Will go through your comments in depth and come back to you. Thank you so much for your time, much appreciated!" A.P., Hire On Trust Ltd

"Read your posts/replies on 5000BC... I must say, am really impressed at your ability to analyse, pinpoint and come up with appropriate, perfect and 'sellable' suggestions!!! Would highly appreciate your expert feedback on my 'just-finished website'..."

"That [speech rewrite] is superb Mike, that would get my attention for sure. Excellent stuff." O. Flaherty, Photography & Graphic Design, Wicklow, Ireland

"Mike, All I can say is WOW! That is really good... no, make that GREAT! I can use that [sales presentation rewrite] both for the upcoming meeting and later for out Global Trade Institute business (teaching people how to import and export, etc globally). Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!" Allen, KingWebs, Jacksonville, FL

"Real good info has the ring of truth for me. Thanks." GK

"Mike... I enjoy your weekly newsletter. It's a rare one that doesn't have one or more useful gems for me. The consistency of your advice helps me stay on track with my documentation and delegation efforts... I use your position contracts and systems documentation when hiring subcontractors... I avoid direct hires. I'll definitely be an early bird buyer for your book. Keep me informed. Best regards." Stew

"Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you! Regards," John

"Dear Mike, Intersting results on the [shapes & colors] questionnaire. Thank you for sharing with us on InfoGuru..." Nancy

"Mike, Thanks for expanding your color [research] to a full column. Here's an experience of mine with food colors..." S.W.

"Mike, With your insight about shapes (that we take for granted everyday), shapes have taken on a whole new light. I now look at logo’s and think about what you wrote about shapes. ... I look at colors and think about a whole new approach in marketing and uses. Thanks to you - Mike! ... " Annie

"Mike, Very interesting PVT [121 re shape research... you have given me some great ideas. The great place to test these will be on Ebay. Also. I may change my book covers..." D.S.H.

"Mike, Great piece today. As for the guy who says, “I’m a one man business so why do I need an organization chart?” ... I’m using your approach to identify functional pieces I can carve out and hand off... Once I’ve transferred these tasks, I can turn the 4 hours a week I used to spend on this into marketing time... Keep up the good work." Stew

"Mike Hayden, here’s a testimonial for you...I have been struggling with this notion of aligning people and their companies. The top echelon wonders why [subordinates] don’t do more. [Subordinates] looking up wonder why management doesn't appreciate them more... in a few short minutes and paragraphs, you have caused the light bulb to come on... Thank you for showing us how to involve people in the goals and purpose of the company so that their own purpose is illuminated. The tasks, or little tactics, as you note, still are completed, yet all is aligned to creating a better company and results. Bravo!" Jane Miller, Miller Institute

[Subscriber's note to boss] "This weeks edition of Mike's PVT ezine [102] is particularly relevant to our 5S efforts you are leading. The link I highlighted in bold takes you to a webpage that discusses organization, getting rid of and organizing stuff, organizational strategy, etc." David H. Manufacturing Systems Support, Elliott Turbomachinery, Jeannette, PA

"Mike ... Interesting PVT [97]."

"Hey Mike, I loved it! It’s a book (your latest e-zine). I thought about all of those “Books for Dummies” and thought about “Teams of Dummies for Dummies.” The modern fad word -- teams -- is such a misused term and in 3 minutes you chewed it up with that first scenario. It was like the reality show about Trump and his “team” of young entrepreneurs having no clue about anything. Good job." Chuck

"I shared this one [PVT newsletter] with another colleague. Thank you," Maddy McPherson,Branch Manager/Partner

"Mike, You pinched one of my tighter nerves in your article about KM [Knowledge Management]. I’m a big fan of the concept, although not necessarily a proponent of all of the hi-tech marketing and hi-priced systems in the news... tacit information grows every second... Your clients should also learn from the article that tacit information goes home every night and the possibility exists that it could walk out one day and never return... A system such as the one you use could fix many corporate problems." C. Best

"Hey Mike, I enjoyed #81... I applaud your patience with James, whether real or imagined. Turning on the “light of understanding” in a prospect’s mind requires a creative mind. Cheers." Chuck

"Mike, I found the download from your site - Building Your Business Model - extremely useful. I printed it out complete, from “Business Model” to “Our Recommendations” and read it several times... Your guidance is invaluable. Thank you for putting it out there where people like me can find it." Stew Walton

"Many thanks, Mike. I will be delighted to subscribe to your service when it’s up and running, as your response to my email was excellent... excellent website and content. I shall certainly recommend you wherever I can and hope that internationally, it might ultimately bring you some business Kind regards." James

"Hi Mike, First, I’d like to say how much I appreciate your website. I’ve been a supporter of documentation and systems since I hit on the E-Myth stuff and Michael Gerber many years ago... I’m sure you’ve heard of him, as your take on business is very similar... Kindest regards...and keep the excellent and valuable site going!" James Hammond, Brand Creative

"Hey Mike, Enjoyed reading the latest ezine... Why haven’t you franchised your business and used your business principles as the product to franchise? Nowadays every business function is outsourced including writing business plans and manuals... I remember when I first met you while hiring writers, you had complete knowledge of business... At your fingertips you had a structure that was easy to explain, easy to follow and easy to complete... easy for me to figure out because you had that big black book! ... you could sell your structure for a franchise fee to fledgling writers who do not have experience nor want to take the time to build a business... [your] step-by-step instructions and measurements for success are quite a package." Chuck

"Hey Mike, I’m forwarding this to you because the focus of your last e-zine was the customer... your idea of enhancing a business website to help customers help themselves is exciting. If there ever was a need for clear business process writing this could be it." C. Best

Mike, I look forward to reading your Monday ezine and certainly wanted to let you know it... I laughed so hard this morning while reading your latest ‘zine that I had to share with you a thought... "

"Hey Mike, (enthusiastic applause here) Congrats for writing your ezine for over a year [now 7 years] continuing its timely advice and pointed commentary for that long." C. B.

[Note to boss] "I found this exercise in Mike Hayden's newsletter enlightening, one, ironically, I am going to do when I get home. As I gaze over the littered landscape of unrealized dreams, I ponder my role in the decline of meaningful accomplishments. For example, to what degree has my ineffectiveness at the Big E been the product of my own thoughts? OR, the fact that I am still here, in spite of my desire to have meaningful employment? To what extent have I failed to control my own destiny? I doubt I will like the answers to these questions." Dave

"Mike, I apologize for being out of touch... Needless to say, I enjoy your e-zine and continue to use them in my approach to general business issues. I will respond in depth later in the week. Thanks for continuing the communication." Chuck

"Hi Mike, Thank you for keeping me on this e-zine list. Please keep me on this list and I look forward to some more good stuff to help me become more effective. Best regards." Charles Jo, Account Manager, Inteliant Technologies

"Hi Mike, Thank you for the offer, I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the Franchise Manual." Brian B. Parise, Thermax Marketing and Sales Division

"Mike: You’re a peach for responding so quickly. I look forward to reading the franchise info. I’ll let you know what happens." Thanks ~ C

"Hi Mike, You write clearly, imaginatively and correctly... many people will never know how you craft a document or how many hours of practice you applied to create it... Read your latest with gusto. In the middle of the process section, I had a 20-second daydream. I used that quiet moment and your process mapping idea to sort through problems at my last workplace. Problems solved. Alas, I’m not there to give them the solution. " C. B.

"Congratulations with the new communication tool. [PVT] Receiving your E-zine was educational as always and the timing is even a bit mystical. I enjoyed it very much for content and have envisioned using some of your proven techniques (with attribution, of course) in a current consulting project." Cheers

"Hi Mike, Powerful exercise. Reading the story was better than a jolt of caffeine for early Monday morning. I learned some important / useful goal setting ideas ... Good PVT. I am going to take some time at home with my wife and go through the exercise in some depth FANTASTIC writing! KEEP IT UP! I look forward to Mondays.." D.H.

"Very interesting (5 Conditions) thanks for sending this too me."

"Great PVT. When I started reading it, I did not stop until I had finished it. It flowed at a fast pace and left me wanting more..."

"Mike, Your Ezine keeps me reading for ideas and coming back for more. What a great idea for allowing the downloaded pages from your SMS files... I saw several outlines of your programs and remember that they were very thoughtful." BestOne, Training-Development-Communication

"Thanks Mike! ... an interesting read! I’ve passed the eZine on to my direct reports. As you already know, I firmly believe in developing a robust process and letting data drive decisions - not “tribal” knowledge." G

"Hi Mike, I just received a blurb about education that I haven’t read yet. There is one article there about reading. I got to thinking about your question: Does your documentation separate PROCESS from DATA? The three Rs --- Reading ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic are all Processes --- better yet, tools. Sociology, history, and the like are Data --- or as I would call them topics. Tools enable you to expand your knowledge. Topics don’t. What’s most important? Anyhow, you might want to write a blurb about education, somehow meshing it with Profitable Venture Tactics, to expand on the Process/Data idea. Cheers." Cork

"Hi Mike, Wow, thank you! I had forgotten about your multiple services. How can I help you with your business?" Charles

"Thanks much Mike! I see a lot of value in your newsletter - thanks much and I look forward to receiving future issues." Sydney

"Mike, Thanks for the info on new sites - I learn from every one of them."

"Mike, Your comments about providing exceptional service in PVT(19) apply equally well to internal customer relationships. The more you go out of your way to satisfy internal customers the more support they will give you when you need it... This atmosphere makes it much easier to solve the personnel problems that can interrupt production." David

(Testimonial Letters and Quality Assurance Audits on file.)

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