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Be A "Rising Star" In Your Career for a Raise & Promotion!!

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Be A "Rising Star" In Your Career!

Learn To Write Operations Manuals

Great careers depend on SYSTEMS, not people. That's because you can duplicate systems - but not people - especially with all that YOU KNOW today.

If you can't duplicate your results through someone else, you'll be stuck in one dead-end job after another. Duplication is Nature's Law of Survival.

If you can't/won't develop an Operations Manual, your career growth and success will be limited because you lack a duplicable system.

Use a SYSTEM to develop your Operations Manuals! The Ultimate Career Builder

I call my system "The Ultimate Career Builder."

Ordinary people create EXTRAordinary careers using a duplicable system, which I call an Operations Manual. The faster you develop good Operations Manuals... the faster you will have a dynamic career!

I hear many excuses and attitudes for why people don't develop their Operations Manuals.
"I just don't have enough time!" ... "It's not my job! You hired me to be a [manager, programmer, accountant, engineer, whatever]. I'm not a writer!" ... "I hate to write. Who needs it!" ... "Whenever I feel like writing... I lie down until the feeling goes away." ... "It's different here. Things change too fast. The minute we write something down, it's obsolete!" ... "...yada...yada...yada..."
But, here is the most UNEXPRESSED FEAR:
"If I document my job in an Operations Manual, I can be replaced! I'll lose my job!"
Let's face it. You can grow your career ONLY if you can promote and/or replace yourself - you and your team can MOVE UP only if you can replace yourselves.

And YOU can do this by documenting your position(s) in well-organized Operations Manuals.

Details at The Ultimate Career Builder

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