Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Secrets of Successful Organizations


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THIS ISSUE: The Secrets of Successful Organizations

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Recently, I heard someone speak about the history
of a certain organization, founded by Dr. Ralph
C. Smedley, who held the first organization's
meeting in Santa Ana, California, in October

According to the speaker, every time Dr. Smedley
set up a new center it would soon disband after
he left town.

Interestingly, this organization's centers didn't
really stabilize until more than 20 years after
the first meeting!

Finally, Basic Training after 20 years!

That's when this organization created their first
manual (documentation), called Basic Training.

This organization is now more than 80 years old
and has benefited more than three million men and
women via their organization's (documented)
communication and leadership programs.

Today, this international organization is the
undisputed world leader in public speaking
training, with over 10,500 clubs and more than
200,000 members in about 90 countries.

In the future, more people than ever will benefit
from their (documented) programs in leadership
and education.

Question: What is the organization?

Answer: Toastmasters International.

Did you notice that that I emphasized
"documentation?" Why?

Because documentation is the bedrock of
successful organizations.

How else could you transmit consistent, quality
programs to over 3,000,000 people around the
world? Tribal knowledge? Rumors? Yelling and
screaming? No way! Notes on cocktail napkins
would be better!

Do you have Operations Manuals?

To find out how to develop your Operations Manuals
in a standard format, see article entitled "Lack of
Operations Manuals stunting your company's
growth?" at:

Today's managers suffer increasing pressure...

Most managers these days suffer increasing
Pressure to slash costs and get more done with
fewer people. I work with managers and executives
to relieve this pressure of having to boost
production and pr0fits with fewer people. I like
to say, "We take the pressure off!"

Over two decades, SMS has saved time, m0ney, and
effort for scores of companies in Silicon Valley
(and from Toronto to Hong Kong)! This means you
benefit from techniques proven successful on
over 300 projects.

I can help.

You decide. Don't let the lack of Operations
Manuals stunt the growth of your business!

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Mike Hayden

Monday, July 03, 2006

The HOW of Working Smarter, Not Harder.

The HOW of Working
Smarter, Not Harder.

  • 1. What
    is "working smarter?"

    2. HOW do you accomplish it?

1. What's working smarter?

Working smarter is likely to be different for


So, let's say that "working smarter" is getting

someone else to successfully do your work.

is, they do the work reliably, correctly, and

consistently to a given standard. And in return

you reward them with tons of money or other

agreed upon compensation.

"Yes, but what happens if or when they leave my

employ for whatever reason?"

Here's the bad news. If you or they haven’t

"systematized" that position - and they haven’t

trained their replacement (if any) - guess who

inherits their work?

YOU DO! (That’s not smarter.)

Smarter is being able replace that person with an

ordinary mortal
who can successfully inherit that

work and do it reliably, correctly, and

consistently to a given standard without your

having to baby-sit yet another new employee.

(So you can continue your sabbatical in Acapulco.)

2. HOW do you accomplish THAT?

As mentioned above, you must "systematize" that

Which means the position is fully

documented so that aforementioned ordinary mortal

can follow the instructions in the documentation to

produce the desired results.

If the position is NOT documented, you’re

literally starting over... and over... and over

with every new person.

Worse, every new person, lacking written instructions,

will tailor the position to THEIR likes and dislikes.

Good luck with that!

Instead, make sure the position is documented.

You can duplicate documentation. You can’t

duplicate people.

"Yes, but what should be put in the


Well, Everything necessary for the position holder

to do the work reliably, correctly, and consistently

to a given standard.

That includes the position's

  • accountabilities,

    standards of performance and behavior,

    work instructions,

    how that position works with other positions,


    • information
      about your organization,



      competition, and

      other material that enriches the position

      holder's understanding of the working


Oh yes, smarter
is having the employee write the


For more information see


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