Monday, April 28, 2008

Why is Your Job like an Apple Tree?

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Why your job is like an apple tree.

Imagine that you plant a seed for an apple tree...

You can't see underground, but the seed first grows a tiny root and sprout. Later, you see a tiny sprout emerge with tiny leaves.

You're thrilled as you watch that sprout grow into a sturdy trunk, strong branches, and healthy leaves. Much later, thanks to bees, you see tah dah - apples! And they're so juicy! apple tree

You see that each apple has its stem, shiny skin, meat, and seeds in the middle. And, you know that those seeds contain the genetic plan, a complete system for generating another apple tree.

Think about it! Your apple tree, from its roots to its apples, is a life-support system for its seeds... which, in the right environment will lead to...

... Reproduction!

Reproduction = Duplication. You see your tree survive by duplication! Your tree's seed sprouts to grow another tree that will product more apples. That's how your tree "moves on."

But, you know only a tiny percentage of seeds become trees. And, if your tree doesn't produce viable seeds, that's the end of the line. No survival.

So, how is your job like your apple tree?

Like your apple tree, it took YOU years of growth and development to get your job and develop your career. You are the tree, a life support system for your job. Your job is like that apple. Does your job-apple have viable seeds? Can you reproduce, duplicate yourself so you can move on?

Do you have a genetic plan, a complete system for generating another job-tree? If you don't, that's the end of the line. Stagnant salaries, fewer employment opportuneness, fewer raises and job promotions.

Can you say, "Dead-end job?"

Did you know that only a tiny percentage of job-apples have viable seeds with a system that can be duplicated?

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