Monday, November 26, 2007

Can You Get A Career Makeover For Almost "Zip?"

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Can You Get A Career Makeover For Almost "Zip"

Read These Amazing Facts To Find Out How.

Yes, it's absolutely true. You can really get a career makeover and pay almost nothing out of your pocket (But only if you are one of the first 37 people to respond to this letter.)

Let me explain. Last June, my little company took a big gamble and signed up for a book promotion for my book, "The Ultimate Career Builder."

To get on the promotion, I had to agree to print a lot of books. (And for a small company like mine, it's scary to have a lot of books tied up in inventory). Now, I have just 37 left.

Ultimate Career Builder

And My Problem Is Your Opportunity

To move these last 37 books I've decided to do something somewhat daring.

First, thanks to ever-escalating energy prices, you should know that my printer's special price on these books ends December 15th. Any unsold inventory could be sold to a local dealer at wholesale.

Get the bargain details here. Cool bonus included while offer lasts.

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Today we see various organizational trends trying to adapt to fast-changing markets. If you're involved in a fast-changing market your success probably depends on fast reaction to competition.

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"Hi Mike ... thanks for your Business Builder outline ... good overview of what to plan for! I am about to launch my business ... and want to make it 'franchisable' ... a 'timely' download ... Thanks again, Ash"

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