Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Got Time Wasters in your organization?

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It's Saturday...

I'll try a different coffee shop. I walk in. There's a long line at the counter. I grab something to read while I stand and wait. Occasionally, I look up to see virtually no progress. The "server" behind the counter moves like a slug.

Finally, I get to move up a couple of places - because people in front of me got tired of waiting and left - probably never to return. I know I won't be back.

Trust me. If I ran a retail store, no one would have to stand in line to put money in the register. To see a fast-moving retail line, go to Fry's Electronics.

There, you can join a line of 50+ people (not an exaggeration) pushing grocery baskets full of costly electronics. Their line moves so fast, it's hard to keep up! They'll have your money and you'll be on your way faster than you can say WOW!

There's little difference between running checkout stands (a business process) and any other business process. People waste about a third of their time working inefficiently. However... Delays built into a whole business PROCESS waste much more time.

After your customer places an order, s/he waits for delivery. (However, in most coffee shops and "fast-food" restaurants, you must WAIT to place your order - then WAIT for delivery.)

Ninety percent of that wait-time adds no benefit the customer or to you.

This is both a problem and an opportunity! Be a Time Warrior!

"Time is your most lethal weapon," says Philip Thomas, author of "Competitiveness through Total Cycle Time."

Be a Time Warrior, a courageous person engaged in a competitive battle. Be a champion who wins first place in a competitive business. Create your business that is clearly superior.

Create a winner!

Why do time-wasters persist?

There may be many reasons why time-wasters persist. Do reasons really matter?

Results or Reasons,
Excellence or Mediocrity,
You Decide!

Stop time-wasters and take market share from your competitors by improving your customer response.

For example: Long ago, Motorola reduced their cycle time for manufacturing cellular phones from three weeks ... to two weeks ... to six per day! They cut the waste and made phones 60 TIMES FASTER!

And, their QUALITY improved dramatically!


Because Motorola built a feedback loop into each cycle. With shorter cycle times, they could improve quality more often.

Can you reduce your manufacturing and delivery cycle time?

When your cycle time is much shorter than your competitor's, you can introduce products a year before anyone else. Capture the market for yourself!


Sure, you must create your company as a set of FUNCTIONS. However, you must combine those functions into a streamlined PROCESS that serves your customers.

So, find the functions and processes that add no value - and drop them.

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