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Silicon Valley Mastermind on Steroids


Special Mastermind Series for Entrepreneurs and other Fanatics

We are scheduling a very small number of Passionate Thinkers to attend our Thoughtstorm® sessions to create and develop valuable ideas.

(Dinner meetings at 7pm, Mondays in Mountain View.)

This means those special few will get more personal attention and creative problem-solving interaction than can be delivered in a larger group.

So if you've ever considered becoming one of the CognoScenti (superior knowledge and understanding), now's the time. Wheeeeeooooo!! This is a fun, outrageous, mind-bending blast! (You didn't learn this in your government schools.)

Indeed, to make sure our Thoughtstorm sessions stay small (an announcement like this could easily trigger a ton of registrations), I am limiting these sessions to only 7 creative thinkers because each 90-minute session is highly interactive... think MasterMind on steroids!

Purpose: Thoughtstorm® is an exciting and productive group process that allows people to plan the future, solve problems, do strategic planning, etc.

Intended Results: Our process aligns a group of people so they can cooperate toward developing ideas and solutions ... instead of arguing, competing, and being uncooperative. The Thoughtstorm Group develops better ideas and solutions than any one person could develop alone.

For example, if you and I together took an IQ Test, you’d have answers I wouldn’t, and I’d have answers you wouldn’t ... and together we’d have a higher IQ!

Likewise, Thoughtstorm Groups, when aligned, create truly phenomenal answers!

Structure: We meet in a comfortable environment free from noise and distractions. All guests are given a copy of the Thoughtstorm Instructions to read.

The group addresses an alignment question to set the stage and Thoughtstorm begins. We share, amplify, or discard responses. The source of an idea is irrelevant.

Soon, patterns emerge and we area able to pull out the underlying principles, beliefs, and causal relationships. Sometimes we may have periods of silence for mental refreshment. Sooner or later, we have intuitive recognition and agreement on a core concept (AKA corecep).

To qualify and self-select, please do the following now:

___ Download and read the Thoughtstorm Invitation. (An Acrobat PDF file.)

___ If you like the idea and it's possibilities for you... Then, call me at (303) 585-1945 for location, and other information. If I am not there I WILL return your call!

If you have a question or comment, click this link and I will send you a FREE REPORT for your input. Thanks. M.H.

Act Fast! I will accept no more than 7 qualified participants for these Special Thoughtstorm Sessions. I haven't held sessions this small since 1990. What an opportunity!

I can't wait to get started!


Mike Hayden, Thoughtstorm® Pilot


PS: Don't delay. Of course it costs money for dinner. Of course it takes a little time. Of course it requires your participation. Dial (303) 585-1945 now for details (absolutely NOT a sales pitch). Join our Mastermind on Steroids - CognoScenti combined for better ideas and solutions.

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