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The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants you to read."



Instructions for downloading your FREE eBook called "Secrets of Competitive Market Research."

The link below points to an Acrobat PDF file that you will download to your computer for reading and printing.**

  1. Secrets of Competitive Market Research
    To download, right-click the link & choose "Save Target As"

  2. BONUS! To help you build your business, I will also send you a copy to my eZine entitled, Profitable Venture Tactics (cancel anytime). Here's a sample: Are you making the most of your marketing organization?

** (To download the latest free Acrobat Reader, click here

I'd love to hear what topics YOU would like to see covered in our information products.

Please send your ideas to Mike[@] We want to help you succeed. Let us know any other way we can help you.

Thank you again for joining us.

Faithfully in Freedom,

PS: If you would like to recommend our PVT eZine to your friends...

Simply highlight, copy, and send the simple email message below to your friends, recommending the Profitable Venture Tactics eZine.


Hi [Name],

I've found this valuable business site for professional managers and entrepreneurs. I think you should check it out. It's all about how managers and entrepreneurs can be more effective.

They have a great email newsletter called Profitable Venture Tactics. When you subscribe you also get a free 14-page Executive Manager's Secrets for Profitable Action Plans that's very useful.

Just click on:
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Talk to you soon,

[Your Name]


NOTE: Unless your friends double opt-in to subscribe to PVT, we will not - cannot - send them anything. If they opt-in, I promise never to spam them or embarrass you in any way!


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