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Professional writer with 15+ years experience in technical writing, consulting, marketing, and management will solve thorny business problems. Quick to learn new technology. Unfazed by relentless change. Compulsive on details and deadlines. Satisfaction or money-back guarantee. "...clearly you are the man when it comes to documentation!" -- J.H. Brand Creative PS: Just finished the Website Strategy Masterclass


  • Superior verbal and written communication skills, with solid knowledge of desktop publishing. Includes over 15 years experience researching, organizing, and writing technical documentation. Delivered 30,000+ pages to Silicon Valley clients saving 37%-59% on every project.
  • Strong background in consulting with firsthand knowledge of customer service and account management. Includes over 15 years experience working with engineers, programmers, managers and executives.
  • Extensive business management experience. Overhauled company organization and increased sales. Developed detailed "how-to" Operations Manuals that streamlined business operations. Opened new offices. Developed new accounts and territories. Authored "Organizing your Business for Success" and "The Ultimate Career Builder."
  • Extensive marketing experience includes direct mail advertising, telemarketing, and sales. Wrote winning sales proposals. Sold to OEMs & end users in commerce, government and education. Achieved sales of million dollar quotas for software and mainframe manufacturers. Promoted from Sales Representative to Senior Account Manager to District Sales Manager.

A.D., President, Synergistech Communications said, "Nice job, Mike. I really appreciate your coming through for [company]. I found it extremely hard to find someone sufficiently diligent and competent for them who'd agree to work onsite as much as they needed ...a major relief ... off my emergency list."


Documentation Express - Division of Senior Management Services - 1975 - Present

This company specializes in research, writing, and publication of software manuals, technical documentation, Operations Manuals, and marketing materials. Performed in many positions as follows:

As Senior Management Consultant & Technical Writer with excellent project management skills, worked closely with Silicon Valley product developers, subject matter experts, publications managers, and executives to leverage extensive background in programming, SDLC, system design, management, marketing, and new business development.

  • Clients include 3COM, Abbott Labs, AMD, Applied Materials, BofA, Bechtel, Diasonics, Geoworks, Intel, Lockheed, LaserSonics, Measurex, IBM/Rolm, Sun Microsystems, Tomy/Seiko, Ultratech, VLSI, and more.
  • Completed hundreds of documentation projects for more than 80 high-tech clients, saving 37%-59% on every project using streamlined Documentation Express technology
  • Authored books for executive- and employee-markets: Profitable Venture Tactics eZine, Ultimate Career Builder, Profitable Venture Tactics - The Book, Organizing your Company for Success, American Safari, 7 Easy Steps to your Raise & Promotion.

Services include development of:

  • Target audience requirements & planning
  • Precise flowcharts, diagrams, illustrations
  • Project definition, scope & management
  • Information mapping & structured writing
  • Detailed specifications for deliverables
  • Web content development
  • API/SDK manuals, product testing & debug
  • Technical manuals, online help, white papers
  • User guides, bulletins, proposals, tutorials
  • Technical presentations
  • ISO 9000 QA manuals and work instructions
  • New product definition and positioning
  • Organizational redesign/restructuring
  • Team building and leadership training

As Manager Manuscript Development, managed staff support for the delivery of the company's documentation products and retained customers by fulfilling the company's documentation service.

  • Delivered over 30,000 pages of technical and instructional materials to more than 80 Silicon Valley companies.
  • Completed 98% of projects on time and within budget. Consulted to management in publications, marketing, and communications.
  • Developed streamlined systems for: interviewing clients, planning work and scheduling work, developing manuscripts, tracking work-in-progress, controlling quality, communicating with clients, staff and subordinates, and best practices & benchmarking. Systems save 35-60% of development time

As Director of Client Services: directed staff support to assist customers in the use of the company's products and services, and caused those customers to perceive the assistance and commodity performance as satisfying.

  • Wrote and delivered proposals. Developed automated proposal generation system that saves from 5 hours to 3 days on every proposal.
  • Wrote training and workshop programs that increased motivation, production, and knowledge.
  • Conducted client interviews, consultation, and reviews resulting in improved services.

As Director of Service Processes, directed the development of orchestrated processes for the delivery of the company's documentation services and products.

  • Developed 16,000 pages of work instructions and operations manuals for the company.

As Director of Advertising & Promotion, provided staff support to the Sales Department in the f0rm of sales leads generated through the media and printed sales-related materials.

  • Developed and coordinated direct mail and telemarketing programs that increased sales.
  • Wrote scripts for telemarketing and sales presentations that increased effectiveness.
  • Wrote brochures, newsletters, press releases, white papers, articles, eZines, etc.

As Manager of Quality Assurance, provided management with information and recommendations for corrective measures regarding the performance of, recommendations of, and emotional state of all personnel.

  • Wrote Leadership & Management Workshops for employees and clients. Wrote and delivered SMSU Employee Training Program that accelerated performance and increased results.
  • Wrote QA audit processes that helped improve departmental coordination to increase results.
  • Wrote status/impact report forms, controlling calendars, project accounting and time management forms, etc.
  • Wrote checklists for conducting workshops resulting in consistent presentation logistics.
  • Conducted Thoughtstorm® Sessions for clients resulting in new product & service ideas.

As Manager of Web Publishing, managed the development of several web sites, including design and coding of web pages, full websites and interactive web applications, focussing primarily on valuable content. Have taken SEO course, but leave SEO implementation to the experts.


Extensive education, self financed, includes 8 years college (part-time) as math & science major. Ongoing education (over 300 CEUs) includes courses in technology, communications, leadership, management sciences, and marketing. Trained by Michael Gerber, Paul Larson, Sean D'Souza, John Eggan & other business gurus. Toastmaster ATM, Licensed Avatar Master/Wizard.

Security Clearances: Top Secret and AEC "Q" (not currently active).


DTP Software, Hardware & Tools

  • Fluent in FrameMaker, MS Word / PowerPoint / XL, Visio, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, (X)HTML, TopDown, MindManager, Dramatica Pro, ProModel. Experienced with MS Project, Word Perfect, PageMaker, Canvas, Quark XPress, others. PC, Macintosh, Sun Solaris, Perforce.
  • Familiar with Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Rational Unified Process (RUP) tools, XML, CSS.

Software Languages

  • Fluent in C, Pascal, Fortran, BASIC, FileMaker Pro. Working knowledge of HTML, Java, Visual Basic, DOS, Object Oriented Programming, VAX, UNIX, CADRE TeamWork, VMS, PICK, SQL & relational databases, I/O drivers, program generators, various multi-user and timesharing operating systems. Also 9 years software development as Scientific Programmer, Senior Computer Analyst, and Software Design Manager in real-time environments.


Programming and Software Engineering

  • Specialized in software engineering for aerospace and scientific applications, progressing from Mathematician to Scientific Programmer to Senior Computer Analyst to Software Design Manager. Concentrated in real-time systems, Monte Carlo simulation, and Beyesian Analysis.
  • Wrote detailed design specifications for real-time systems and implemented all code in machine language
  • Debugged software and hardware systems. Developed detailed software documentation, flowcharts, and training materials. Wrote winning technical proposals. Trained users and customers.

Sales and Marketing

  • Achieved $1 million to $2 million sales quotas for various computer software and mainframe manufacturers, Promoted from Sales Representative to Senior Account Manager to District Sales Manager.
  • Client companies included Xerox, Harris Computer Systems, Interdata, and General Automation.
  • Wrote winning sales proposals. Sold to end users and markets in education, government, and biomedical. Opened new offices and developed new accounts and territories.
  • Streamlined proposal development. Developed sales manuals, sales letters, and brochures.


Promo Package (PDF File)

More information including client list, case studies, and project briefs, etc.

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