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Resources -- SMS Friends & Affiliates

Below are some well-respected sites. Since I often discuss marketing in my Profitable Venture Tactics eZine, I thought I'd recommend some great marketing sites (alphabetical order) that may be useful to you.


AWeber is an Internet-based company that offers a reliable, easy, cost-effective tool to capture visitor sign ups, send follow-ups and newsletters. I was skeptical at first, too. But now... I have joined thousands of others who've discovered AWeber's autoresponders, follow ups, newsletters, and toll-free expert customer service with 8+ years of experience. For more information, take the FREE Demo below.

AWeber Demo
Capture Hidden Profits with Unlimited Autoresponders
AWeber's automated unlimited autoresponder follow up increases sales, lowers costs, builds lasting customer relationships, and increases your profits!
Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.

"The online world is turning the tide on spam. In the end, people will stop sending spam because it stops working. Do your part: never buy from a spammer. When your business seeks out technology companies with which to work, only choose those with a staunch anti-spam stance."
-- Beka Ruse, who fights spam as the Business Development Manager at AWeber Communications.

"The SECRET to getting more money out of your customer base is..." -- Jonathan Mizel, Autoresponse Seminar


Does your website talk?

Now your website can talk using "AudioGenerator" technology, recently released to the public, is a must-have tool! You can try it for 30 days for $1 US. Find out more!

Action Plan Marketing (InfoGuru) FREE Marketing Plan Workbook

I've known Robert Middleton, owner of Action Plan Marketing, since 1975 when he was running excellent marketing meetings in San Francisco. I highly recommend his marketing eZines, audios, and products.

Robert wants to build relationships with people before selling them anything. That's why he directs people to his Action Plan site to get his free Marketing Plan Workbook. You'll also get his free weekly More Clients eZine.

Many who get his free material also order either the InfoGuru Online Marketing Manual or the Client Magnet Workshop on Tape -- often both -- which I highly recommend!

Click here for more information

Your Internet Airbag - Norman Anti Virus

Are you using Norton Anti Virus by Symantec? McAfee Anti Virus? Are you risking your computer with free anti virus? Have you tried Panda Anti Virus? You do want the best anti virus, right?

Your Anti Virus Software should respond in real-time like your Automobile Airbags. But what if...

What if your car's airbag was just 1 or 2 seconds late... AFTER someone CRASHED into your car? Imagine how you would feel about that!

Imagine how you would feel if your computer's anti virus protection was late... AFTER a hacker, virus, exploit, Trojan, or worm CRASHED into your computer system?

Yes... your Internet security provider warned you about that malware - unfortunately, they warned you AFTER it had already crashed into your system!

I'm sure you'd rather be protected BEFORE your computer is attacked. Yes siree.

Don't waste another second! Take a look at Norman Anti Virus NOW!

Liberty Dollar

SMS accepts payments in silver-backed and gold-backed Liberty Dollars! The Liberty Dollar Solution is Simple: STOP using "their" money. Start using the Gold and Silver Liberty.

Now you can get The Liberty Dollar at a discount.

American Gold and Silver Currency is Back. Click here for the Liberty Dollar at a Discount.

Career Builder Tools

Mission Marketing Mentors

"Give me 70-minutes, and I'll share with you time-tested methods to create a book that attracts new clients and generates multiple streams of income!

"These are the same strategies used by world-renowned business gurus I've worked with, including Dr. Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, and Robert G Allen. I've helped hundreds of small professionals and entrepreneurs to benefit from them, too."

Visit Mission Marketing Mentors to find out about our next FREE teleseminar!


5000BC Psychology from the Cave

PsychoTacticsª unravels an age-old mystery PsychoTacticsª is a thought system that is based on 5000+ years of tried and tested methods. Our brains are hardwired with information, that hasn't changed in all these centuries.

Imagine being able to use that same psychology in business. It's so deceptively simple that you will wonder just how you did without this incredible understanding of the human psyche for so long.

Click here for more information.


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Comedy Writing

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