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The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants/ultimate-career-builder.html you to read."



Recent Projects: Books, Market Analysis, Software Engineering, Website Development, Mastermind, etc.

Recent Books and Publications

  • Creating a Prosperity Mindset
  • Social Networking For Business: In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less, Step-By-Step
  • CardVisor® Software User Manual
  • 9 Little-Known Secret Steps To Restructuring Your Organization In Changing Times
  • Secrets Of Competitive Market Research
  • The Viral Lead Generation System
  • The Ultimate Career Builder
  • Organize Your Business For Success

Silicon Valley Mastermind Series for Entrepreneurs

We are scheduling a very small number of Passionate Thinkers to attend our Thoughtstorm® sessions to create and develop valuable ideas.

This means those special few will get more personal attention and creative problem-solving interaction than can be delivered in a larger, oversold group.

So if you've ever considered becoming one of the CognoScenti (superior knowledge and understanding), now's the time. Wheeeeeooooo!! This is a fun, outrageous, mind-bending blast! (You didn't learn this in your government schools.)

Click for more info Silicon Valley Mastermind on Steroids.

Comparative Market Analysis for Anti-Virus & Internet Security Company

For an anti-virus company, I developed a comparative analysis report of anti-virus vendors as viewed by affiliates and resellers. The proprietary report is a comparison of affiliate/reseller programs based on interviews with resellers, distributors and competitors, and website information.

The comparative analysis report makes specific and detailed recommendations on how to:

  • Leverage their unique technology for maximum marketing impact
  • Leverage automation tool(s) to streamline communication and training
  • Develop a spaced-repetition system for communication with resellers using such tools as emails, teleconferences, and videos - automated and sequenced based on when people sign up
  • Develop testimonials to maximize Internet credibility
  • Develop probe campaign(s) to discover reseller interests
  • Accelerate more prospects into the marketing pipeline
  • Develop the product / reseller upgrade funnel
  • Promote the product line upgrade path with client-centered benefits

If you would like to conduct a market analysis for your company to increase your market visibility, magnify your preferential uniqueness and sales revenue, send me an email, and I will send you a brief planning form.

Developed Sizzling How-To Report: "Secrets of Competitive Market Research"

Pray your competition doesn’t learn these secrets… Winning at business may not be your idea of fun, but…

… A competitor is someone who’s getting your prospect to by their stuff and lowering your profits. You’ve got to know who your competitor is and how he works.

The goal of market research is to obtain information that will help you:

  • Get your prospect to contact you first, and
  • Buy your stuff instead of your competitor’s stuff

How to acquire the competitive information you need.

  • 5 key kinds of competitive information (and the best ways to get it.)
  • How to overcome your competitor’s best features. (Failing to take this one step will cost you plenty!)
  • How to learn more about your competitors than they know about themselves.
  • Hot you can let your competitors spend their money, make the mistakes, and pave the way for you!

Click here now to download your FREE copy of "Secrets of Competitive Market Research" (PDF file).

Software Engineering

Reverse engineering from working ballistics calculations software back to software specifications and QA documentation, including:

  • Software requirements,
  • Program design specifications, plus a
  • QA Document that proves that the software works as specified.

The program performs special calculations. Designed for government compliance officers who will be checking for compliance with DOD standards. Don’t ask.

Website Development

Developed Silver Library of 70 how-to business-builder articles for qualified Silver-Level clients.

  • Does your company face a Triple-Threat that will cause the loss of your company's lifeblood - customers?
  • Using Controlling Calendars
  • The Secrets of Successful Organizations
  • Product development is an iterative process
  • What Sustains Motivation?
  • Changing the way work works.
  • Process Modeling can help!
  • Trapped by "status meetings" that simply waste your time?
  • The #1 Reason People Quit Their Jobs
  • Are you unknowingly faced with the loss of your company's most valuable assets?
  • Do you experience failure or disappointment because you don’t write standards?
  • Do These Common IT Mistakes Cause YOU To Work Harder Than You Really Have To?
  • Action Plans - Can Action Plans really guarantee consistent results in your business?
  • A good reason not to settle for expediency
  • And many more.

Study, Learning, and Recent Course

  • XML: DTD, CSS, Xsl, Xlink, Xpath, Xpointer, CDF, MLM, DocBook
  • Seminar on Seminars
  • Self-Publishing Systems
  • InfoProducts Bootcamp


Published dozens of Profitable Venture Tactics eZines; many translated to foreign languages..

Did you know this?

Small businesses represent approximately 95% of all American employers. Three quarters of all new American jobs are provided by small businesses. Likewise, small businesses supply 50% of the country's gross domestic product.

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