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Managers and business owners!

Has your workday become ... the Reality Show from Hell?

Is your career or business draining your life away?

Like many, you may be working long hours. You may be growing too slowly, or maybe too fast, or even shrinking. You may be clashing with expensive, recurring problems that waste your time and resources -- and suffocate your career.

You may be concerned about leadership issues, business plans, profits, organizational change management, or business development strategy.

Plus, you may be suffering grim gossip, brutal backbiting, subversive sabotage, warring alliances, or long pointless meetings that turn everyone to concrete.

These frustrating and embarrassing problems can make you toss and turn all night -- and make you dread getting up in the morning.

Wanna take back your life?

mike Hayden
"Taking the Nightmares out of Business Dreams"

Who wouldn't!

Hi, I'm Mike Hayden.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to tools, tips and training to help you solve these #@&*%! problems that drive you nuts -- and turn your business dreams into nightmares!

Would you like to know why over 90% of certain types of businesses SUCCEED while 90% of most start-up businesses FAIL? Sure, most employees are unhappy at work - worse, they're "irreplaceable." This is an unnecessary disaster for the employees' careers -- and for their employers.

But, the big difference is this:

Successful businesses use proven, documented SYSTEMS...

...while startups rely primarily on unproved ideas, tribal knowledge, and corporate politics.

However, certain proven systems and tactics will work for you, whether you're the boss or an employee. I reveal these little-known secrets in my Profitable Venture Tactics eZine:

  • You don't have to own the business!
  • You don't have to be a CEO or senior manager!
  • You don't have to be a manager or supervisor!

No matter your "position" or job... if you develop and use a SYSTEM of tactics to produce results, you'll amplify yours and others' ordinary skills into extraordinary results. And that means SUCCESS instead of nightmares.

Without a SYSTEM, you simply cannot produce consistent results - and that leads to recurring nightmares. Every time.

Here's what I mean...

Why is a SYSTEM like a Chocolate Cake recipe?

How many of 100 people do you think can bake a great chocolate cake? A few? Many? Most? I think that you'd agree that a great chocolate cake depends on which, if any, of those 100 people have a good recipe? Without a proven recipe, most people will not bake a great chocolate cake!

A good recipe is a proven SYSTEM that "works" every single time.

Someone wrote down that fantastic recipe! Otherwise, every chocolate cake would be a custom project -- highly prone to failure!

Smart people know you must put recipes, tactics, and systems in WRITING!"

"94% of failure is due to lack of a proven system." -- W. Edward Deming

So, why do so few people fail to write down their business "recipes" (AKA process documentation)?

Because most people hate to write. I did too. After all, like you, I suffered years of "school" where teachers punished us by giving extra writing assignments... and those red marks. (Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!) I thought the only practical use for writing was to get a passing grade -- and out of that class!

It took another 14 years for me to see that writing down important stuff is the bedrock of success! Writing down important stuff is how you build a SYSTEM of profitable tactics!

OK, we all know HOW to write -- at least a little bit, right?

But, do you know WHAT to write -- to solve your difficult business problems and fulfil your business dreams?

That's where Profitable Venture Tactics eZine comes in.

Below are some proven tactics that PVT subscribers use to develop effective SYSTEMS that eliminate excuses, embarrassment, and nightmares:

  • Simplified ways to help you eliminate bottlenecks and isolate problems. This will streamline your work so you can breathe easier.
  • How to avoid mismanagement of resources. (Disregard this and you'll perform critical actions out of sequence ... work on the wrong things ... have employees focused on trivial problems while ignoring important areas.)
  • How to secure and protect your proprietary techniques and processes.(Ignore this at your own peril.)
  • How to develop an organizational strategy that works for your business or department. (Get organized or face daily chaos -- you decide.)
  • How to avoid overwhelm from information overload. This will help you prevent missing data and reports ... lost customers ... ambiguous communication ... sloppy logistics ... cluttered desks, buildings, and equipment.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of "Vanishing Technology."
  • How to minimize frustrations like: Staffers who get embroiled in bureaucratic turmoil, disconnected from your organization and its goals ... Meetings and events that start late and ramble aimlessly forever ... Employee resentment that festers into covert sabotage.
  • How to avoid 15 expensive mistakes in developing your business documentation. (This will save you much time and trouble in developing your venture and career.)
  • And much more.

(To subscribe to my FREE Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine and receive 3 FREE Bonuses worth $146. Subscribe Now!)

Read on.

Don't worry, you don't have to do all the writing yourself!

It's not important WHO does the writing. But, it IS important that SOMEONE does it!

And I will show you how to get others to do it for you. In fact, I do much of the writing for you in your PVT eZine.

If you've read this far ... I'm sure you're success-oriented and would like to know more about profitable tactics and systems for organizing, planning, developing, and operating your business or career. So, you will get PVT issues that cover practical how-to aspects of the following topics:

Strategizing Leading Managing
Delegating Implementing Executing
Training Logistics Marketing

The purpose of the Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine

I created the PVT eZine to bring you the best strategies, tactics, and systems to help you grow your job, department, or company. Thus, everyone benefits because you'll be more organized and streamlined.

I'm sure that you, like me, are tired of all the usual business fluff, theory, and slogans. However, the practical time- and money-saving how-to tactics from your PVT subscription will make a tremendous positive change to your approach to your career or business.

It helped me build my organization and it can help you build yours. These same benefits are now available to you because you now have my experience to guide you.

There's nothing smarter than using great tactics to advance yourself and others!

I'm sure you are intensely busy already, so I understand why you might be skeptical about subscribing to Profitable Venture Tactics eZine -- even though it's free. I think I can guess five of your limiting thoughts.

1."But Mike! I just don't have time to read..."

I understand. If you have one or more of the problems I've mentioned, you don't have time to waste reading a no-value eZine. So, I make sure that PVT subscribers receive a rich "how-to" eZine that's written in plain English that takes you only 3-5 minutes a week to read.

I promise to give you high-value material that will save your time and resources. PVT is not a sales pitch -- no banner ads, no infuriating pop-ups. I will not send you fancy business jargon and sophisticated complexity. PVT brings you mature simplicity -- techniques and ideas you can use immediately.

Read below what subscriber Stew wrote to me:

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"Priceless Advice... No gooblegook."

"I look forward to Mike's weekly eZine because he always presents valuable ideas clearly and concisely. Words are his business and he's a master at the craft.

"That would be meaningless of course if his insights weren't equally as valuable. Mike's approach reduces the theoretical to the practical. His Ten Page MBA and his articles on Organizational Strategy are priceless advice and instructions on how to organize a new business or reorganize an established business.

"No gooblegook, ... easy to understand and apply directions... I apply them to my own fast growing business."

-- Stew Walton Sheaves Inc., Mystic CT 06355

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(To subscribe to my FREE Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine and receive 3 FREE Bonuses worth $146. Subscribe Now!)

2."Yes but ... I receive several subscriptions already..."

I know how you feel. Many PVT subscribers felt the same way at first, but listen to the message Dave left for me:

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"Results effectively produced."

"Mike, Your PVT eZine is a refreshing start to my Monday mornings. I look forward to the useful tips and find myself thinking more about results that can be effectively reproduced through proper organization and documentation. Thanks."

-- Dave, SW PA

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Sometimes, instead of answering questions, I question "obvious" answers. This leads to new insights for subscribers . Read below what D.H. wrote to me:

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"I am changing my questions..."

The power of [your] questions is that, while answers generally stop us from thinking, questions can point our brains in more useful directions. I am changing my questions to things like: How can I make this work? What is needed to make this work? What people / resources need to be combined / considered to make this work? How do I facilitate that? How can this be done in a way that makes my job more fun, rewarding, easier, etc. How can I make this work in spite of its ill conceived beginnings?"

-- DH, Manufacturing Manager

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(To subscribe to my FREE Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine and receive 3 FREE Bonuses worth $146. Subscribe Now!)

3."Frankly, I get too much email already..."

Me too! Email (90% spam) has become a massive time-waster for everyone! So, we must be more selective about which emails to read . But, I know you'll want to keep the powerful how-to tactics in every PVT issue. Most subscribers filter their PVT eZines to a special mailbox to save time and for later reference.

You'll receive PVT in a small text-only file that won't clog your disk. I format PVT with narrow columns for fast reading. Plus, there's a clickable link to a full-color web version (take your pick). Further, you can easily and permanently unsubscribe.

4."But Mike, you don't know MY business..."

True enough. I probably don't know your particular business.

But, for decades as the "How-to Guru," I've written how-to materials for scores of companies in fields as diverse as software development, product development, manufacturing, finance, biomedical systems, banking, franchising, sales, aerospace, restaurants, entertainment, consulting and more. Company sizes range from 1 to 30,000 employees.

I make sure that each PVT's profitable how-to tactics apply to almost any venture. I do know this about every business: Documented SYSTEMS are the bedrock foundation of every successful, enduring business. And your PVT subscription will help you develop your own system of tactics!

(To subscribe to my FREE Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine and receive 3 FREE Bonuses worth $146. Subscribe Now!)

5."OK Mike, where's the fine print?"

People often ask, "Why do you give away so much powerful how-to information for free."

Well, I've spent a small fortune and many years to learn what I've learned, and continue to learn, from the best of the best. While I could never give back, I can give forward based on the dictum, "Give and ye shall receive."

That's why my free articles and the Profitable Venture Tactics eZine are always comprehensive, always FREE (retail value $179/year).

I do offer other products, workshops, and premium services that you may wish to buy to increase your knowledge and business success. But the Profitable Venture Tactics eZine will always be FREE.

But, will YOU apply these profitable tactics to gain control of your career and business life?

PVT gives you a bonanza of potent ideas and practical information you can use to develop SYSTEMS of proven tactics for your job, business, and company -- definitely outside the box's box!

But, will you apply them and benefit as my subscribers and I have? You decide.

Here's what I suggest:

___ 1. Explore this site if you wish,

___ 2. Checkout my free articles,

___ 3. Then, and only then, sign up for the Profitable Venture Tactics eZine and receive FREE books worth $146 (immediate downloads).

Here's why you should subscribe to Profitable Venture Tactics eZine:

1: Positive testimonials for PVT. People appreciate its valuable content.

2: As a new visitor, you have access to just 16 articles. You won't need a password. Scores of other articles are hidden. I will send you a direct link in each weekly eZine. You won't be able to find our hidden pages without the eZine links -- and you'll miss out on valuable information and tools.

3: No pop ups, no ads.

4: You'll receive fantastic bonuses worth $146 with your subscription worth $197/year -- total value $343.

5: To protect your privacy from spam, we use AWeber's double opt-in feature.

Don't miss out on your FREE sign-up BONUSES!

FREE BONUS #1: CardSHARK: Killer Business Cards that Sell like Crazy!

Are you looking for smarter ways to promote your career or business? The business-essential described in this Bonus eBook is often the simplest, yet massively powerful thing that people usually overlook.

People literally throw opportunities away by failing to recognize this important business-essential that makes memorable first impressions and wins business.

This Bonus #1 eBook shows you how to create one of your most elegant and powerful marketing tools -- no matter your position.

This free Bonus #1 eBook tells you everything you need to know to grab attention and leave an indelible positive impression. (And this is just ONE of the freebies you'll receive with your free PVT subscription!)

FREE BONUS #2: 7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

Are you sabotaging your raise or promotion? Are YOU wasting YOUR expensive education and unique experience? Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Do you want to move UP or OUT? Are you serious about finding out what to do next? Would you like to know how to leverage your skills and knowledge -- to make management happy to pay you more?

FREE BONUS #3: Executive Manager's Secrets for Profitable Action Plans

An effective tool for creating your action plans. This tool will help you force-rank key business development areas in the order you prefer. This 22-page Workbook helps you evaluate and sort three important areas as follows:

  1. Key areas of business development you judge most important;
  2. Critical items in those key areas you consider most relevant; and,
  3. The sequence you want these key areas and critical items handled.

In conclusion... There are two kinds of business writers:

1. Those who have done it and write about it (business owners and entrepreneurs).

2. Those who have NOT done it and write about it (journalists, business-book writers, professors, researchers, and dreamers).

Why not learn from others' real-world experience? As a business professional, I prefer to learn from those who've done it. How about you?

"Experience is a dear teacher, and only fools will learn from no other."
-- Benjamin Franklin

So, pour some coffee, grab a snack, make yourself comfortable. You'll be on this site for a while. To start your journey with FREE articles, click here.


Your partner in streamlining business.

PS: PVT is FREE, but it's NOT an advertisement - it's solid tactics and information that you can use right away. I promise to give you tools to maximize your business and personal gains. I have a hunch you'll enjoy PVT and probably pass it to 3-4 associates, as others have done. To subscribe now to my FREE Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine and receive 3 FREE Bonuses worth $146, click the button.


NOTE: We treat our subscribers like friends. We do not sell or rent our electronic mailing list to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. Further, you may remove your name from our PVT roster anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every eZine. Welcome!

PPS: Practically every page of this website has a link to Customer Service, where you can tell us about any mistakes, complaints or improvements. We will not only appreciate it, we will take immediate action, and you will receive a free eBook for taking your time to communicate.

So subscribe now to receive your own copy of Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) eZine. Once you subscribe, you'll receive PVT every week with profitable tactics and information long before others discover them the hard way!

After you subscribe, you will see how much value you can gain from others' successes -- and failures.

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