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"I'll take one of your Franchise Manual Outlines ... thanks![...] Regards,"
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-- Dave


"Hi Mike, [...] You write clearly, imaginatively and correctly."


"Read your latest with gusto. In the middle of process section, I broke for a 20-second daydream. I used that quiet moment and your process mapping idea to sort through problems [...] "


"Congratulations with the new communication tool. Receiving your E-zine was educational as always and the timing is even a bit mystical. I enjoyed it very much for content and have envisioned using some of your proven techniques (with attribution, of course) in a current consulting project. Cheers."
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Mike Hayden, PVT Ezine Author

You're not alone!

Do you really understand the big secret why most start-ups FAIL while most franchises SUCCEED?

Let me explain...

Every year, over 500,000 people start a business... ... Yet, within one year, 40% are out of business. Within five years, more than 80% fail!

But listen to this!

  • You don't have to own a franchise to use this secret!
  • You don't have to be a CEO.
  • You don't have to be a manager.

This one secret. which I will reveal in a minute, works in even the simplest jobs. So, why do so few people FAIL to use the secret?

Read on!

But, can you really learn from other's experience?

"Experience is a dear teacher, and only fools will learn from no other."
-- Benjamin Franklin

Besides courage and vision, what accounts for business success -- and how can YOU use it? What is the real secret behind the consistent success of the Oakland Raiders, Intel, McDonald's, Subway, Midas, San Francisco 49ers, Chem-Dry, Applied Materials, Walgreen's ...

What is the secret behind their consistent success in products and services? What can we learn from their success? Here's a clue:

"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year."
-- John Foster Dulles

Why don't more people use this secret that works for McDonald's, Intel, Bank of America, and many other successful businesses around the world? Do they struggle to solve the same problem they had last year? Why do most people fail to learn from others?

Results Effectively Reproduced!

Mike, Your PVT eZine is a refreshing start to my Monday mornings. I look forward to the useful tips and find my self thinking more about results that can be effectively reproduced through proper organization and documentation.

Dave, SW PA

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The simple truth about this secret ...

This "secret," which you learned in grade school, is as plain as day, but it might as well be secret. Why? Because people fail to learn - even ignore, even resist - how others use this secret in their job, career, or business. Why? Because many people suffer the NIH Syndrome (the "Not Invented Here Syndrome").

Anyway, on this site you can learn from how to use this grade school "secret" (writing!!) for your own success, such as:

  • How to use writing to secure and protect your proprietary techniques and processes.
  • How to use writing to develop an Organizational Strategy that works for your business or department.
  • How to use writing to avoid overwhelm from information overload ... missing data and reports ... lost customers ... ambiguous communication ... sloppy logistics - stuff not in the right place at the right time ... cluttered desks, buildings, and equipment ...
  • How to use writing to develop a SYSTEM that eliminates excuses and embarrassment?
  • Simplified ways to use writing to help you eliminate bottlenecks and isolate problems.
  • How to use writing to avoid mismanagement of resources, such as, actions out of sequence ... working on the wrong things ... confusion ... employees focussed on trivial problems while ignoring important areas ...
  • How to use writing to avoid the pitfalls of what I call, "Vanishing Technology."
  • How to use writing to minimize frustrations like: Staffers who get embroiled in bureaucratic turmoil, disconnected from your organization and its goals ... Meetings and events that start late and ramble aimlessly forever ... Employee resentment that festers into covert sabotage.
  • How to use writing to avoid 15 expensive mistakes in developing your business documentation.
  • And much more.

Please read my 16 free articles without obligation (I'll give you the link in a few seconds). You'll get this valuable information without annoying pop-ups, aggravating ads, or infuriating spam.

Priceless advice...No gooblegook.

I look forward to Mike's weekly eZine because he always presents valuable ideas clearly and concisely. Words are his business and he's a master at the craft.

That would be meaningless of course if his insights weren't equally as valuable. Mike's approach reduces the theoretical to the practical. His Ten Page MBA and his articles on Organizational Strategy are priceless advice and instructions on how to organize a new business or reorganize an established business.

No gooblegook, just a straight forward easy to understand and apply set of directions. I keep both handy and reread them often as I apply them to my own fast growing business.

Stew Walton Sheaves Inc.
Mystic CT 06355
866-344-6774 stew[at]

OK Mike, what's the catch?

People often ask, "Why do you give so much valuable information free on your website."

Well, I've spent a small fortune and many years to learn what I've learned (and continue to learn) from the best of the best. While I could never give back, I can give forward, based on the dictum, "Give and ye shall receive."

That's why my free articles and the Profitable Venture Tactics eZine are always comprehensive, always FREE (RETAIL VALUE $179/year). I have other products, services, and workshops that you may wish to buy to increase your knowledge and business success. But the Profitable Venture Tactics eZine will always be FREE.

You may have doubts...

But, read these comments from readers like you.


"Mike, Enjoyed reading the latest eZine."

"Mike, (Enthusiastic applause here.) Congrats for writing your eZine. for over a year continuing its timely advice and pointed commentary for that long. I laughed so hard this morning while reading the latest 'zine that I had to share with you a thought [...] "
-- CB, Portland

"Please keep me on this list and I look forward to some more good stuff to help me become more effective."
-- Charles, Account Manager, Silico
n Valley

"The power of [your] questions is that, while answers generally stop us from thinking, questions can point our brains in more useful directions. I am changing my questions to things like: How can I make this work? What is needed to make this work? What people / resources need to be combined / considered to make this work? How do I facilitate that? How can this be done in a way that makes my job more fun, rewarding, easier, etc. How can I make this work in spite of its ill conceived beginnings?"
-- DH, Manufacturing


The purpose of this website

I set up this website to bring you the best ideas, information, and techniques I can give you to help you grow your job, business, or company.

I'm sure that you, like me, are tired of reading all the usual business fluff. However, the valuable time and money saving information in this website will make a tremendous positive change to your approach to business.

It helped me build my organization and it can help you build yours. These same benefits are now available to you because you now have my experience to guide you. The purpose of this website is to give you this information I've proven to be valuable.

Will you apply these practical ideas to gain control?

This website gives you a bonanza of potent ideas and practical information you can use to develop your job, business, and company -- definitely outside the bubble that contains the box!

Here's what I suggest:

___ 1. Explore several sections of this site,

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PVT is FREE, but it's NOT an advertisement - it's solid information that you can use right away. I promise to give you tools to maximize your business and personal gains ... to help you create favorable outcomes in our dicey world. I have a hunch you'll enjoy PVT and probably pass it to 3-4 associates, as others have done.

NOTE: We treat our subscribers like friends. We do not sell or rent our electronic mailing list to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. Further, you may remove your name from our PVT roster anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every eZine. Welcome!

Here's why you should subscribe to Profitable Venture Tactics eZine:

1: Positive testimonials for PVT. People appreciate its valuable content.

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Are you going to miss out on this particular free sign-up bonus?

In our constant mission for cleverer, slicker, cooler and smarter ways to promote our businesses, the business essential described in this eBook is often the simplest, yet massively powerful, thing that gets overlooked.

People literally throw opportunities away by failing to recognize the immensely important role this business essential plays in winning business and making a memorable first impression.

This could be one of the most efficient, elegant and powerful marketing tools you ever possess -- no matter your position -- no matter if you're just looking.

My free eBook, "CardSHARK: Killer Business Cards that Sell like Crazy!" tells you everything you need to know to grab attention and leave an indelible positive impression. (And that's just ONE of the freebies!)

In conclusion...

As Chuck, Communications Consultant says,

"Mike, Your eZine is getting stickier - keeps me reading for ideas and coming back for more. What a great idea for allowing the downloaded pages from your SMS files. [...] "

So, pour some coffee, grab a snack, make yourself comfortable. You'll be on this site for a while. To start your journey, click here.

Your partner in streamlining business.

PS: Practically every page of this website has a link to Customer Service, where you let us know of any mistakes, complaints or improvements. Not only will we appreciate it, we will take immediate action, and you will receive a free eBook for taking your time to communicate.

So subscribe now to receive your own copy of "Profitable Venture Tactics" (PVT) eZine now. Once you subscribe, you'll receive PVT every week with useful techniques and information before the NIH-types discover them the hard way!

After you subscribe, you can read past issues and see how much value you can gain from others' successes and failures.

There are two kinds of business writers:

1. Those who have done it and write about it: business owners and entrepreneurs.

2. Those who have NOT done it and write about it: journalists, business-book writers, professors, researchers, and dreamers.

Why not learn from others' real-world experience? As a business professional, I prefer to learn from those who've done it. How about you? To repeat:

"Experience is a dear teacher, and only fools will learn from no other."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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