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Do you have a SYSTEM that eliminates excuses and embarrassment?


1. Tired of excuses & embarrassing delays?

2. Develop a SYSTEM to get what you want!

3. They don't teach how-to.

4. Here's part of a SYSTEM.

5. A Call to Action.

1. Tired of excuses & embarrassing delays?

I've found that many managers don't get what they want from their documentation projects - and they experience many endless frustrations! Why?

Many managers don't get what they want because the people they must depend on to deliver documentation frequently deliver EXCUSES instead!

Meanwhile, these managers feel the PRESSURES of deadlines, ever-increasing costs, and embarrassing delays.

2. Develop a SYSTEM to get what you want!

To develop good documentation, you must employ a tested and proven SYSTEM to produce the results you want on time... every time.

  • A system for researching, organizing, writing, and managing projects.
  • A system for interviewing managers, programmers, engineers, managers, executives.
  • A system for streamlining processes for writing, editing, reviewing, updating, and releasing documentation.
  • A system for planning work.
  • A system for managing writers, illustrators, contractors, printers.
  • A system for coordinating projects, managing time.
  • A system for debugging new products.
  • A system for tracking work-in-progress.
  • A system for communicating with clients, staff, vendors.
  • A system for scheduling work, reporting progress.

Without a proven SYSTEM, you must rely on tribal knowledge. Without a proven SYSTEM every project will be a custom project, based on the writers' personalities.

3. They don't teach how-to.

Schools don't teach students how to research, write, and develop large-scale documentation projects such as technical documentation and operations manuals.

Besides, most people hate to write.

When I was a student, I hated writing, too... maybe because my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Vampira Hulk-Hogan, savagely assigned gigantic book reports! In high school and college, I avoided classes that required writing. As a science major, I wasn't required to do much writing...

...That is, until Mr. McDermott yelled, "Show your work! (And it better be neat if you want to pass!)" From this, I developed a high regard for neatness and attention to detail. Thank you Mr. McDermott!

In college, a friend showed me how to write a resume, which got me an aerospace job as a mathematician and programmer.

Soon, I had to write users manuals. Later, I had to write software specifications. .. then acceptance test procedures ...then technical proposals and system design specs ...then sales proposals, ad copy, and newsletters.

Circumstances forced me to create a SYSTEM for developing documentation. I saw an insatiable demand for technical documentation - but no one wanted to write it!

And no one was teaching "how-to" in schools.

So, in 1974, I founded the Documentation Express (now a division of Senior Management Services) to help Silicon Valley companies develop the high-tech documentation customers demanded.

4. Here's part of a SYSTEM.

"Mike, what do you mean by 'SYSTEM?'"

Well, let me discuss the interviewing subject matter experts (SME). To make the best use of SME time, I suggest using a recorder.

(PVT Subscribers, click here for details.)

A SYSTEM helps you prevent an "off-purpose" interview. If you deviate from the script (another part of the SYSTEM) you record off-purpose, time-consuming conversation of no value to the purpose of the interview.

Trust me, I learned all this the hard way!

5. A Call to Action.

Don't let excuses hurt your bottom line.

Every penny you invest in documentation should increase profits. So, why delay writing until the last minute and settle for a hasty compromise?

Develop a SYSTEM that eliminates excuses, embarrassments and worries. A SYSTEM helps you focus real POWER where you need it.

Let's face it. With today's massive array of desktop publishing tools, everyone's gone tool-crazy!

But, the tool is not the SYSTEM. Even with a SYSTEM, you still need people that can communicate effectively with customers, engineers, programmers, marketers, managers, and executives!

That's our specialty! We've been successful in dozens of companies. We provide you special skills you probably don't have in-house.

You get practical and convenient service. You get professionally written material ON TIME... while you avoid writer's cramp and excuses. We research, write, and publish business communication such as:

  • Computer documentation
  • Research reports
  • Catalogs
  • Training manuals
  • Operations manuals
  • Business plans
  • Proposals
  • Design specifications
  • Newsletters
  • Articles
  • Press releases

Our streamlined documentation SYSTEM has worked for many Bay Area businesses. It can work for you too! We can help you:

  • Research and formulate your writing project.
  • Interview your key personnel.
  • Write, word-process, and edit your copy.
  • Take photos and illustrate.
  • Consult on publishing and printing.

Our many Silicon Valley clients appreciate our proven experience with computer systems.



"Mike, how does your company differ from ordinary job shops or agencies?"

Lower Prices.

You don't pay inflated prices to cover fancy agency or "account executives." You avoid both headhunter fees and rising employee costs. You only pay for what you use. We've slashed expensive frills and needless overhead. We get the job done at a lower price -- without compromising quality.

Faster Results.

We've streamlined our techniques during 300 projects in Silicon Valley. Thus, you benefit from techniques proven in other companies. We've eliminated time wasters. We focus attention directly on YOUR project from start-to-finish. You get fast results - not excuses and delays.

Personal Service.

You get personal service from a highly qualified and motivated expert. There's no agency double-talk or CYA memos. No matter the cost in agony or overtime -- we deliver.


You want to know more, of course. And you should. You're not buying so many words and sentences like a bushel of grapes. You are buying the skill, knowledge and intuition of other people.

You want to know the people - before you work with them.

Let's set an appointment to discuss your needs. We'll formulate your project in detail. Together we'll document what you want, how you want it, when you want it. We will discuss various creative approaches before the project begins.

Don't let the lack of good documentation stunt the growth of your business!

Mike Hayden Principal/Consultant, Your partner in streamlining business.

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