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Trouble Getting Organized?



1. Problems with Organizing Processes?

2. The Solution: An Org Chart that shows Process

3. Why people don't develop Process Charts

4. Here's A Proven Approach

5. We can help you get organized (Shameless Promotion)

Problems with Organizing Processes?

In previous articles, I've discussed organizational strategy and how you can create and use an Org Chart as an effective management tool. So far, I've only discussed what I call a "military-style" Org Chart, which shows management hierarchy.

sms org chart

Figure 1. Military-Style Org Chart

A military-style Org Chart won't work for certain applications. Why? For example, a Military-style Org Chart does NOT:

  • Show linear process,
  • Show communication lines ("comm lines"),
  • Show locations, or
  • Pinpoint most problems.

For example:

  • Using a military-style Org Chart, if a problem appears in Manufacturing, how do you pinpoint the root cause if it's in Marketing? (This is purely hypothetical... In the real world, Marketing never causes problems!)
  • Using a military-style Org Chart, how could you optimize storage in your garage?
  • Using a military-style Org Chart, how could you organize a manufacturing process?
  • Using a military-style Org Chart, how could you show how a salesperson is supposed to submit orders to the manufacturing and finance departments?

Here are just 19 problems I've seen in linear processes:

  1. Lack of communication - forcing others make assumptions
  2. Incomplete or misleading communication
  3. Dependence on "tribal knowledge"
  4. One shift or department doesn't report conditions in writing to next shift or department
  5. Lack of formal written instructions and checklists
  6. Processes not documented real-time
  7. Problems ignored or overlooked and passed downline, assuming they'll get caught by someone else
  8. Faulty parts not returned to vendors for engineering correction
  9. Certain items/actions not verified
  10. Bugs not reported
  11. Computer records not updated
  12. Events happen out of sequence
  13. Projects sitting idle waiting for communication or parts
  14. Product must be taken apart and rebuilt because problems slipped through
  15. Problems shipped to customers, where the system must be patched by field support
  16. Jobs tailored to personal preferences
  17. Departments acting in isolation
  18. Product quality depends on who was there that day
  19. Lack of personal responsibility

The Solution: An Org Chart that shows Process

An Org Chart that shows PROCESS can help you expedite communication, isolate problems, and streamline production. This type of chart must be designed to:

  • Show sequential processes,
  • Define inter-process communication,
  • Help eliminate bottlenecks and
  • Isolate problems.

Why people don't develop Process Charts

People say "I'm too busy just trying to get the job done!" or "I KNOW HOW to do it. I don't need a chart!"

Some people don't want permanent solutions. Why? Solving recurring problems means Job Security and Hero Badges. Some people don't see how a linear chart could be used somewhere besides manufacturing.

Here's A Proven Approach

For this article, I discuss how you might create an Organization Chart to handle PROCESS. So, let me describe a generic organizational strategy.

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