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Trouble Getting Organized (cont'd)



1. Struggling to create your Org Chart?

2. Here are basic rules for creating your Org Chart

3. Why organizational design problems persist.

4. Here's a proven approach.

5. Then, what's a manager supposed to do?

6. Is your company plagued by Migrating Unidentified Memos?

7. We can help you get organized (Shameless Promotion).

Ever hear someone say, "I've gotta get organized! I can't even start on my project because I can't seem to 'get organized.'"

Ed is a hard worker. We went to the same high school. He and his wife occasionally build a new room on their house to store their stuff - piled to the ceiling.

Pack rats! Their debt papers fill a huge cabinet. They complain, "We have NO time to do what we want."

Do you really want to get organized? Yes? OK. Here's how I did it a few years ago. I wrote down my answers to the following three sentences.

If I were better organized, I could BE...
If I were better organized, I could DO...
If I were better organized, I could HAVE...

This really showed me many advantages to my getting better organized!

Life is a game called, "Clean up the Mess!" Participation is not an option. I cleaned out my desk, dresser drawers, closets, car trunk, my office, my garage ... I dare you to do it yourself!

"Yes, but, do you know what to keep and what to give/throw away?"

First, you divide your stuff into two piles A and B.

Pile A. NECESSARY-for-Survival - sort, and organize for convenient access and,

Pile B. NOT NECESSARY-for-Survival - sort, organize, and store for your "just-in-case" access - or, give or throw much of it away.

Better yet, put your Pile B stuff in labeled boxes. Write a catalog of contents as you go. Store the boxes somewhere. When you need something, use your catalog to find it.

"Mike, you actually did this?"


Now, using my catalog, I can find anything in storage, down to a single piece of paper. I say, get rid of excess baggage. I call that Freedom!

My advice: Get rid of your junk. Lighten up! You'll feel lighter and create space in your life for new things to BE, DO, and HAVE!

Do you really want to get your life moving? Invite me over. I'll burn down your house - and all your stuff. Then you and yours will have a new WHAT FOR!

Immediate action produces immediate results!

...Back to business. Here's more about how to start building your "Org Chart" ...

1. Struggling to create your Org Chart?

Let's say you've actually decided to create your Org Chart. Are you concerned about how to delegate what to whom?

Remember that you create an ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY when you arrange things in a pattern or structure so you can act to achieve a specific goal.

First, you must create your Organization Chart so it shows a "box" for every management position.

2. Here are basic rules for creating your Org Chart

Here some basic rules for you to follow:

1. Make sure each "box" represents a Strategic Objective.

2. In each box, you list Tactical Objectives (more below).

3. Put the Position's Title - NOT a person's name - in each box. This prevents your need to update the Chart for every personnel change.

Important! NEVER create or delete a position to please someone. Don't ever be charmed to into breaking this rule. Don't create your organization around personalities or prima donnas. (What happens when they leave?)

Instead, have personnel fit your organization, not vice versa. You may need to retrain people, move them...or let some go.

3. Why organizational design problems persist.

Managers usually neglect to properly design their organization because it seems too "ivory towered." But, when you do, you will realize long-lasting benefits.

Again, "Immediate action produces immediate results!"

4. Here's a proven approach.

(PVT subscribers: click here for detailed instructions.)

5. Then, what's a manager supposed to do?

"Hey Mike, if all the work gets delegated to succeeding levels, it seems like there's nothing for the managers to do."

Yes, I know it sounds that way. So, let's identify the work inherent in all management positions. People have the idea that managers do certain things and subordinates do other things.

But, what "things?" There's a difference, but what is it?

(PVT Subscribers, click here for complete details.)

6. Is your company plagued by Migrating Unidentified Memos?

Ever hear a conversation like this?


"Where the hell did these pages come from?"


"I have no idea!" 


"Well they need to be updated -they're causing problems in both Sales and Manufacturing."


"Oh well, I guess we'll have to re-write them, then republish and circulate. Hmmm, I guess we better recall the wrong ones! Who has them?"


"Beats me, we have hundreds of employees...better get moving!"


"Yes Sir. Three bags full!"

Sound familiar?

That's what I call the "Migrating Unidentified Memos syndrome."

I designed our numbering system so that Director positions have 2-digit numbers, Managers have 3-digit numbers (ex: 3.3.2); Associates have 4-digits...yada...yada...down the chart.

For one thing, we use our numbers to identify computer files and documents.

For example, each marketing document has a unique number beginning with 3. That way, we can tell the source of any document.

For example, the numbers 3.4.2 identify source as the Marketing Technical Support department.

Without this system, unidentified memos (or worse, unidentified pages) circulate and cause problems. We systematically avoid that problem with our numbering system.

"What's another use?" We use the numbering system for all Position Contracts and Operations Manual documentation.

If you have other questions, email me at contact-sms.html



7. We can help you get organized (Shameless Promotion).

Most managers these days suffer increasing pressure to slash costs and get more done with fewer people.

I work with managers like you to relieve this pressure of having to boost production and profits with fewer people. I like to say, "We take the pressure off!"

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You decide. Don't let Dis-Organization stunt the growth of your business!

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To Your Business Success,


Mike Hayden, Principal/Consultant: Your partner in streamlining business.

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