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Trouble Getting Organized?



1. Do You Suffer from Dis-Organization?

2. What's an ideal situation for your organization?

3. Why don't (won't) people get organized?

4. Here's a proven approach.

5. We can help you get organized.

The other day someone said,

"I've gotta get organized! I can't even start on my project because I can't seem to 'get organized.'"

My advice: write stuff down! Get it out of your head and on paper where you can work with it.

In the previous issue of PVT, we looked at the problem of "Vanishing Technology" and how you can solve it by writing stuff down ... the RIGHT STUFF...

... And the fact that people HATE to write.

Managers usually neglect to properly design their organization because it seems too "ivory towered."

But, you should persist. For proper design, you must create a functional Organization Chart. In turn, you will yield benefits sooner than you think.

Immediate action produces immediate results!

1. Do You Suffer from Dis-Organization?

DIS-organization means the absence of organization. What are the symptoms of disorganization?

Disorganized THINGS:

Overwhelm from information overload ...
Missing data and reports ...
Lost customers...
Ambiguous communication ...
Sloppy logistics - stuff not in the right place at the right time ...
Cluttered desks, buildings, and equipment...

Disorganized ACTIVITIES:

Mismanagement of resources ...
Actions out of sequence ...
Working on the wrong things ...
Confusion ...
Employees focussed on trivial problems while ignoring important areas...

Disorganized PEOPLE:

Staffers embroiled in bureaucratic turmoil, disconnected from the organization and its goals ...
Meetings and events start late and ramble aimlessly forever ...
Employee resentment festers into covert sabotage (not as easy to detect as a toupee).

Sound familiar?

"OK. HOW do you "get organized? What is an ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY?"

When you ORGANIZE, you arrange things into an orderly, functional, structured whole or pattern, usually for some united action.

So, an ORGANIZATION is a group of people organized for a specific purpose. You create a structure so people can systematically cooperate to conduct business (or whatever).

Simply put, a STRATEGY is a plan of action intended to achieve a specific goal.

So, in plain English, you create an ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY when you arrange things in a pattern or structure so you can act to achieve a specific goal. ("Things" can be data, processes, people, stuff, etc.)

BTW: Problem solving is when you devise (strategy) and implement (tactics) a way to find a solution or transform a less desirable condition into a more desirable one.

2. What's an ideal situation for your organization?

Let's imagine an ideal situation for your organization.

  • You have a functional Organization Chart (Org Chart).
  • You designed your Org Chart to streamline fulfillment of your organization's Strategic Objective.
  • On the chart, you show your management structure and career paths, and how positions report to each other.
  • For every position, you have Operations Manuals with:
    • written goals,
    • accountabilities,
    • action plans,
    • standards,
    • work instructions,
    • etc.
  • Instead of generic job descriptions, you have Position Contracts - signed agreements to produce specific results.
  • You have written procedures for department interactions, for hiring and firing, etc.

Did you write all this documentation?

No! (You had your team write it!)

So, if you need to replace someone - for any reason - a new person can inherit that job because it's documented. You can even cruise to Acapulco because you've documented YOUR job!

What a concept!


Let me illustrate the general idea of an organizational strategy with a true story.

(PVT Subscribers, click here for detailed organizational instructions article.)


3. Why don't (won't) people get organized?"

Here are some popular excuses and attitudes for not getting organized and writing stuff down.

"I don't have enough time."

"It's not my job man! You hired me to be a [manager, programmer, accountant, engineer, whatever] ...yada... yada...yada..."

"That's my stuff, I'll leave it lying around if I want."

"I AM organized - it just LOOKS sloppy! Besides, a clean desk makes it look like I'm not doing anything! I know where everything is, that's all that matters..."

"I hate to write - it's not exactly a cure for boredom."

"Whenever I feel like getting organized, I lie down until the feeling goes away."

Covert thoughts: "If I write stuff down, people will see my mistakes. (So, I'll hide my engineering drawings)... besides, if I document my job, they will replace me. I'll lose my job!"

That's why the problem of disorganization persists.

4. Here's a proven approach.

Let's face it. You can grow your organization only if you can promote or replace your employees. Thus, you and your team must be able to replace yourselves so you can receive raises, promotions, and vacations.

Oh sure, if you have a vast supply of money you can build a bloated bureaucracy where raises, promotions and vacations are automatic - and where no one gets fired. (Can you say "government?")

But, this eZine is about tactics for effective PROFITABLE ventures.

You say, "OK mister, how do I create an Org Chart for MY organization? How does your little Halloween party example apply to me?"

Fine, let's get started. Grab your pencil and paper.

(PVT Subscribers, click here for detailed organizational instructions article.)

5. We can help you get organized.

Most managers these days suffer increasing pressure to slash costs and get more done with fewer people.

I work with people like you to relieve this pressure of having to boost production and profits with fewer people. I like to say, "We take the pressure off!"

But, I don't know whether we can do the same for you because I don't know you.

But, if we COULD relieve your worries, would you like to learn more? If we can't increase your profits and save you time, money and trouble - you pay nothing!

I fully expect your costs to be a small part of your increased profits and savings (making our service essentially FREE!) You have nothing to lose.

Over two decades, SMS has saved time, money, and effort for scores of companies in Silicon Valley (and from Toronto to Hong Kong)! This means you benefit from techniques proven successful on over 300 projects.

You decide. Don't let Disorganization stunt the growth of your business!

First, (if you haven't already) sign up for Profitable Venture Tactics eZine so we can become better acquainted.

When you're ready to get started, just call (303) 585-1945 for a Free Needs Analysis.

To Your Business Success,


Mike Hayden, Principal/Consultant
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