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Trouble Getting Organized?


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Stop! Get organized here!

Do you really want to get organized? If you will answer one simple question, I'll give you a copy of my practical eBook on "Organizing your Business for Success" ($37 value) absolutely FREE!


1. Do You Suffer from Dis-Organization?
2. What's an ideal situation for your organization?
3. Why don't (won't) people get organized?
4. Here's a proven approach to creating your organization.
5. We can help you get organized.

Senior Management Services

The other day someone said,

"I've gotta get organized! I can't even start on my project because I can't seem to 'get organized.'"

My advice: write stuff down! Get it out of your head and on paper where you can work with it.

In the previous issue of PVT, we looked at the problem of "Vanishing Technology" and how you can solve it by writing stuff down ... the RIGHT STUFF... And the fact that people HATE to write.

Managers usually neglect to properly design their organization because it seems too "ivory towered."

However, you should persist. For proper design, you must create a functional Organization Chart. In turn, you will yield benefits sooner than you think.

Immediate action produces immediate results!

"OK. HOW do you "get organized? What is an ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY?"

When you ORGANIZE, you arrange things into an orderly, functional, structured whole or pattern, usually for some united action.

So, an ORGANIZATION is a group of people organized for a specific purpose. You create a structure so people can systematically cooperate to conduct business (or whatever).

Simply put, a STRATEGY is a plan of action intended to achiev a specific goal.

So, in plain English, you create an ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY when you arrange things in a pattern or structure so you can act to achieve a specific goal. ("Things" can be data, processes, people, stuff, etc.)

BTW: Problem solving is when you devise (strategy) and implement (p) a way to find a solution or transform a less desirable condition into a more desirable one.

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Mike Hayden, author of Profitable Venture Tactics

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"Read your latest with gusto. In the middle of process section, I broke for a 20-second daydream. I used that quiet moment and your process mapping idea to sort through problems at my last workplace. Problems solved. Alas, I'm not there to give them the solution."
-- Chuck, BestOne Training - Development - Communication


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"Hi Mike, Powerful exercise. [More about "Balanced Goals."] Reading the story was better than a jolt of caffeine for early Monday morning."
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