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Are you losing momentum while others forge ahead?

Now is the best time for you to create your action plans. Just request my FREE Executive Manager's Secrets for Profitable Action Plans that will help you evaluate and sort three important areas:

* Key areas of business development you judge most important;

* Critical items in those key areas you consider most relevant; and,

* The sequence you want these key areas and critical items handled.

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Immediate action produces immediate results!

Is your brainstorming getting the action you want?

I went to Border's Books for coffee and reading. I bought an awesome book called, "Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads," by Roy H. Williams.

Roy has written several "Wizard" books, which I will read in time. This book has 101 chapters - but usually each chapter has just two easy-to-read pages. Each chapter is a gem.

Here's a quotation from his chapter called, How to Facilitate Brainstorming.

"Extroverts invented brainstorming. Stimulated by things external to them, extroverts 'talk to think.' ...more than half of our population are introverted [who] 'think to talk.' ...preferring to tell you only what they have already thought about. Consequently, introverts typically sit quietly through brainstorming sessions...

"...To have an awesome brainstorming session, just send everyone a detailed note twenty-four hours ahead. ... Extroverts will see the note only as an invitation... introverts will interpret the note as a work assignment and begin formulating thoughts..."

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Are you starting your new employees the right way?

Here's another quotation from Roy's chapter called, Experience Must First Be A Verb.

"During the first hour of their first day on the job, my friend Richard Kessler tells every new employee:

'When you're helping a customer of this company, always remember that you ARE the company. When a decision needs to be made, make it. Do what you believe is right. Nine times out of ten, you're going to make a fabulous decision. One time in ten, I'm going to wish that you had done something different. Backing you up on those decisions is the price that I'm willing to pay to get the other nine decisions from you. Never, ever be afraid to do what you truly believe is right.'"

(No, I don't earn a commission or win a microwave oven when you buy Roy's book!)


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