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Ready for your Seven-Day Weekend?

Reminder to self: "Focusing" is spelled with one "s" not two. (Ref last week’s PVT.)

Second reminder to self: Run spell check last – before sending out eZine.

It’s Sunday morning at Starbucks again. Last Friday, the housekeeper showed me her new cell phone with all the latest features. I’m jealous... my cell phone features a tiny rotary dial.

Mike Hayden

The Downside of 9-5

While doing research for my new book, I have read many interesting books and visited many interesting websites. One of the more interesting books is called, "The Seven-Day Weekend: Changing the way Work Works" by Ricardo Semler.

Ricardo’s premise is this: Saturday and Sunday used to be for R&R. But today, cell phones, email, faxes and corporate demands have caused a 7-day workweek. Since work has been integrated into the weekend, why not integrate R&R into the workweek?

You will discover a lot of interesting stuff if you "Google" Ricardo Semler or his company, Semco. You'll discover that grad students write Ph.D. dissertations about Semler's successes.

In his book, Semler says things like:

"Even though our workers can veto a deal or close a factory with a show of hands, Semco grows an average of 40% a year and has annual revenue of more than $212 million."

"Employees must be free to question, to analyze, to investigate; and a company must be flexible enough to listen to the answers."

"If I insist on standard work hours, I may be sacrificing a certain amount of employee potential every day. By encouraging uniformity, I lose productivity."

"Integrity is the equivalent of oxygen. Without it a company suffocates and dies."

Integrity: noun (excerpted from The American Heritage® Dictionary of English, Third Edition.)

  1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
  2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
  3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

Semco’s unique company structure lets people pursue what inspires them.

Meanwhile, traditional companies hire for openings described by "job descriptions" and a list of academic and career prerequisites. Their priority is to fill those requirements.

Semco hires people who want to work for Semco because their life purpose "clicks" with Semco’s business purpose.

How much career fuel is hiding in your "calling?"

Why must companies continually train and try to motivate employees to keep them from sabotaging coworkers and snapping at customers? Why do bitter employees leave their "day jobs" only to transform into joyful volunteers, choir singers, tennis players, musicians, artists, runners, hobbyists, etc., that same evening? Why can’t they harmonize their "calling" to excellence and service to others at work?

Or, do 9-5 jobs automatically attract people who have no calling?

Over 30 years ago, I found my calling by working for 30-60 hours a week - free - for an organization that made a significant contribution to my career. Yet, my "career" made no contribution to my life. Instead, it sucked the very life out of me.

So, I made a list of my hobbies and what I wanted to do instead of march to a corporate drummer. Many people do this. But, most do nothing about it. Me, I left my life-draining job without a dime in the bank and started my own business.

I meet people who say, "I've always wanted to be a writer... I've always wanted to play music... I've always wanted to sail the West Indies… I'm going to start my own business someday, really. Wow, I've always wanted to travel around the country! Gee, I wish I had time to go the health club!"

Want is not a strategy.

See Steve Jobs' inspirational commencement address to some 5,000 Stanford grads.

Which would you prefer?

  • Another day of being a corporate warden or a corporate captive?
  • Another day of discovery and exhilaration?

Take your pick. You decide. (And quit putting it off!)

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What did you learn today that you found most beneficial?

How will you apply what you have learned at work?

I welcome your comments!

Best Regards,

Mike Hayden, Principal/Consultant
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