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Don't miss out on your $2,995 Prize!

Did you get one of the winning pieces?

If you or one of your executives has one or more of these missing pieces, you've just won $2,995 worth of SMS services and products!

(Illustration smaller than original.)

To redeem your Coupon, please call (303) 585-1945 before your expiration date!

When you call, I will answer any questions you may have and set a mutually convenient time for delivery.

Please understand that I am not in the prize or contest business. I don't have a lot of fine print, legalese, and disclaimers to go along with this introductory Offer. This is plain talk.

I created this puzzle-project as a fun way to get acquainted and demonstrate how Senior Management Services (SMS) can make a profitable contribution to you and your business. I actually want winners. At the same time, please understand that my company is not a charity or a welfare program.

I am interested in developing mutually profitable business for both of us. Please consider this as a no-obligation, Introductory Offer so both of us can "test the waters."

I love what I do, but I simply can't do it for everyone. Please see my Maximum Action Service Team Pledge to examine my ground-of-being.

Faithfully in Freedom,

Mike Hayden

PS: Watch for my new books: "The Ultimate Career Builder" and "Organizing your Start-Up for Success."



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