Push Button Letters Software!
At last, fill in the blanks, click a button,
and out pops a sales letter 100% customized
for your business, product, or service!

All you do is fill in the blanks!

If you can fill in the blanks, you can use this software.

Now listen up. I have a friend who sells template letters. Those are terrific. But this is totally unique and different.

First, it is actual software, not just sample letters.

Second, it literally walks you through my psychological formula step-by-step with drop down boxes and fill-in-the-blank procedures.

Third, it is 100% customized to the exact needs of your business. You aren't trying to fit a square peg into a round hole intended for another business.

Nothing could be easier.

When you're finished, you get a sales letter on a web page that you can literally post on your web site and begin making sales with right away.

All you do to create your sales letter is follow the steps and input your data. Of course, the expression "garbage in-garbage out" applies to this program. The output will only be as good as your input.

After you input your data, our program will create a letter for you.

Save the letter to your hard drive. You have permission to use the entire page formatting and all -- if you want to.

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