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"Technical writing that makes sense."

Does the impact of these specific technical documentation problems keep you stuck like Carl?

Here's how my friend Carl, a typical manager, feels the impact of these technical documentation problems and frustrations. Carl is a typical manager who is in a pivotal point for pressure.

He feels INTERNAL pressure from several departments, plus employees - and the boss! He feels EXTERNAL pressure from market demands, customers, vendors, and salespeople.

But, Carl NEEDS that technical documentation today! No wonder managers need a course in stress management!

Worse, employee communication channels keep getting botched up. And when they get botched up, people start screaming! And Carl gets indigestion.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Frustration! Lack of control! Carl's stuck, going crazy, out of control. His boss drives him nuts. Vendors drive him nuts. Employees drive him nuts. And Carl can't do his job because that @#*&$!* technical documentation isn't done!

People promise to do it right... but, that doesn't work - the documentation comes in late. Carl says, "What do I do now!"

Management feels stuck with these documentation problems!

You know it and I know it. The tension becomes quite palpable! Caught between a rock and a hard place! We've found that managers in that position are ... well ... they are caught between a rock and hard place.!

The boss drives you nuts because you can't deliver the technical documentation... because the people that you must depend on don't deliver as promised. You have one person who doesn't do this, another who doesn't do that... And you're trying to plan and budget? Good luck!

What do you do?

Can any of these people help you solve technical documentation problems?


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