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If you're Internet active, and looking for opportunities, you know you need content all the time.

We're all content-consuming machines! But, sometimes we must become content-creating machines.

And that can get old -- fast!

Don't know what to write? Run out of ideas? Worried about how to say it? Three points:

1. Writing good content for your prospects and customers is a never-ending battle.
2. Articles help you capture your client's interest because articles seldom try to sell. Instead, they educate to give your potential client various angles to your concept. So, clients don't put up a wall.
3. The more you educate your client, the more they're likely to contact you... and choose you instead of your competitors.

Good news. I just launched a new set of 52 audio articles that I call, “Power Writing Tips for Content Creators.”

If you are interested in writing - articles, eBooks, special reports, etc., - these audios give you tips, tricks, and techniques you can really use.

Here's a sample from the series: Speakers on please, then click the play button :)

Hot Topics 05 Everyday Problems (01:05)

These power-packed “audio articles” are based on PLR marketing articles. You'll get 52 useful tips to help you become a better and faster writer. Every week you'll be glad you received each one…

Here's what people are saying on Day One:

“Nicely done Mike! … and thanks for keeping in touch.”
-- Bob Vogt

“Mike, Very compelling. I am looking forward to the next installment.”
-- Dave, Longmont, CO

Here's what you can get FREE...
(until I get the shopping cart set up.)

  • 1 Audio Introduction
  • 10 Hot Topics: Making money, self help, everyday problems, hobbies, fitness, more.
  • 14 Audios on Great Ideas: The alphabet game, conducting interviews, brainstorming, childhood memories, and other great ideas.
  • 7 Audios on Motivation: Taking risks, modeling successful writers, handling fears, rewards, more.
  • 20 Audios on Organizing: Getting organized, your goals, your unique approach, the 4-step formula, using color codes, covers, graphics, much more.

Most audio files are about a minute long. You can think of it as your "Power Writer's Minute." (If I sent you a longer audio, you might "listen to it later," which, as you know, seldom happens.

You'll get tips to help you:

  • Write - even if you think you're “not a writer.”
  • Speed up your writing.
  • Create articles for online and offline.
  • Write stories, analogies, and metaphors.
  • And other good stuff!

Mac and windows

Works on Mac and Windows and other platforms.

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