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organize your business for success


Today, you can see various organizational trends as companies try to adapt to fast-changing markets.

If you're involved in a fast-changing market...

... your success probably depends on fast reaction to competition, plus ongoing need for:

  • Fast response to changing customer preferences requiring shorter cycles for design-to-market
  • Custom orders and getting it right the first time with high quality
  • Accurate order filling, expedited delivery, and personalized service
  • Creativity, innovation, and fast adaptation of new technologies

Further, new market dynamics motivate people to adapt new strategies in organizational design, such as:

  • Leaner, flatter, decentralized structures that may decrease work fragmentation, cut bureaucratic overhead, and compress separate cut cut tasks into jobs that can be performed by one cut person or a small team
  • Process teams and cross-functional work cut groups
  • Lean staffing of support functions
  • Partnerships with key suppliers and cut outsourcing
  • Employee empowerment with associated cut accountability for results

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