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How we work

What is it like to work with SMS? On this page we’ll tell you the type of results our clients have reported and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects, and how we’re different from most consulting companies.

Expected Results. Better control. Improve profits, recover lost profits.

Ultimately, our "product" is improved client profits. A Key Account for us is a client for whom we can significantly improve profits by helping them:

  • Solve Profit-Purging Problems and
  • Seize Profit-Plenty Opportunities.

Our client's problems and opportunities are starting points for developing our Profit Improvement Programs. Together we become partners in creating new profits. Together we carefully plan and apply personal expertise for new profit making. That's the basis of our win-win relationship.

When you work with us, you can expect us to help you implement management systems and information systems that will prevent the loss of your vital resources, proprietary process, and intellectual property. (No, we don’t do burglar alarms!) We can help you with business management, business process management, small business management.

If you’re a startup company, you can expect us to help you build your business dream by using our streamlined strategies to get you started with confidence and faster profits.

If you’re growing, downsizing, reorganizing, or moving you can expect us to help you save a ton of money while making a smooth and effective transition.

If you need detailed work instructions or ISO 9000 documentation, we will work with your subject matter experts to streamline development of the necessary documentation.

Guiding beliefs or values. ""If it ain't written, it ain't real."

Everything in writing.

We work under agreements, procedures, and a code of ethics that allows integrity to prevail. Without integrity nothing really works -- at best, progress slows and mediocrity results. (See our Maximum Action Service Team Pledge.)

You can count on us to continue improving our knowledge, techniques and practice through ongoing education and training.

Our approach. Profit is the result of valuable contribution.

We can help you solve problems and seize opportunities while working as a contractor or consultant. Let me explain.

As an independent contractor, we can work for you on issues for which you have neither time nor inclination. Often, the problem or opportunity is rather well defined and you are primarily concerned with the overview and approval of the work. Sometimes, managers or executives think contractors are a dime a dozen. But, if together we cannot forecast a high profitable result, we won’t even get involved.

As a consultant, we can collaborate with you to solve problems that are unclear. Together, we will diagnose the problems and develop profitable solutions. Here, you are involved in the whole process and you do some of the work. Our relationship is collaboration between equals. Together we will accomplish unique, value-added results that manifest something you didn't have before.

No excuses and delays. You can count on us to show up on time, complete assignments on time, and to make and keep agreements that work for all concerned. To get the benefits from our working together, we expect you to do likewise. We have fun and profit in business without politics, backstabbing, or gossip.

Everything in writing. Together, we will conduct a Needs Analysis where we examine, qualify, and quantify problems and opportunities. We carefully plan increased profits after we determine the following:

Our Guarantee. Our business technology works!

We guarantee our work. You must be satisfied. We’ll make it good - or return your money.

We can guarantee our work because we use tested technological solutions that have worked on hundreds of projects over 30 years. We minimize confusion and delays while putting certainty and profits into your business development. (Our technological solutions use the scientific method for solving problems or seizing opportunities.) See our NO-FEAR GUARANTEE.

Call to action. Discover more about our business planning & consulting services.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect by working with us, and our approach and philosophy, please visit Our Services page to learn about our specific services and programs.

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Client Comments

"...(we recently ran) your program ... we saved about 10 hours of machine time for a problem which used to run 18 hours!" A.B., Project Engineer, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO.


"Thank you very much for the effort you put forth on our project. We are all very pleased with the results you gave us." R.S., Research Scientist, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO.


"Thank you for your time, talent and generosity ... we are indeed impressed with your interest and dependability ... you have provided a most worthwhile service." J.D.S., Principal, Redwood City, CA.


"Thank you for minimizing the problems at SRI ... installation and acceptance of the computers at SLAC, Stanford, Singer Link. I have come to depend on your ability to get things done - and in a creative manner." B.J., District Manager, Scientific Data Systems, Sunnyvale, CA.