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Who we work with

Is Senior Management Services for you?

Our clients are typically executives and senior managers in high-tech companies involved in software, semiconductors, biomedical systems, aerospace, finance, and business process development. Clients usually have exceptional technical backgrounds and love business and technology.

We love to work with both startups and established companies.

Our clients lead their markets, set trends, and create true value for the marketplace. They concentrate on being first to market with the best products. Our clients use our services and products in product development, engineering, manufacturing, operations, and marketing departments.

The one thing our clients have in common: They want technological solutions for business processes, organizational strategies, operations manuals, and process modeling.

Most of our clients have been Silicon Valley companies who develop and market high-tech software/hardware products to sophisticated OEMs or end-users. However, we have also served similar high-tech clients from Ireland, to Toronto, to Hong Kong.

Which of these great reasons to call Senior Management Services is true for you?

"As a startup company, we’re swamped with technical issues. Meanwhile, we must get organized and enact proven business practices that will help us get our new products to market right away!"

"We’re downsizing. We need to restructure our organization and implement an orderly transition that is transparent to our customers."

"Our customers want us to be ISO 9000 certified. We need an expert to help us document our processes and work instructions. We just don’t have the time to do it ourselves. But, our growth and success depend on getting this done fast!"

"We’re moving our company to another state, and we desperately need to develop operations manuals so we can hire and train new employees quickly. These manuals will help everyone save time and minimize confusion.

"We’re suffering "brain drain." We’re losing our best people, proprietary processes, and intellectual property to competitors. We’re worried about losing our critical processes, but we don’t have the time to write and debug them. What can we do to protect these vital assets?"

"We are disorganized. We are operating on undocumented tribal knowledge and unconfirmed rumors. To achieve anything here, you've gotta know someone! It seems hopeless! We desperately need to get our key business processes documented so we can be more profitable with less effort."

Who is the ideal SMS client? Are you entrepreneurial and innovative?

Clients will be most successful with us if they have some or many of the following characteristics:

Our ideal clients, small or large, are usually entrepreneurial and innovative, with conservative management and bold marketing. They are industry leaders who offer quality, leading edge products and services known for excellence and continuous improvement.

Our ideal clients nurture and appreciate their customers and employees. Communities often recognize our clients for their contribution.

We work with people who make and keep agreements that work. (Without integrity, nothing really works.)

Call to action. Can SMS really help you forge creative solutions and grab your best opportunities?

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the problems and opportunities we help them resolve, and what our clients must do to ensure their success, click here learn more about How we work.

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Client Comments

"... knowing you were available for consulting and tips gave me the security to go about my tasks without fear of being 'out there alone.' Your techniques and skills are quite valuable, keep sharing them!" B.J., Consultant, San Francisco, CA.


"I really enjoy our association. I have a new look at things - and new vigor! We're now writing down everything, step-by-step, for our (operations manuals) ... and starting new maintenance classes ... it's fun and interesting. Thanks." S.G., VP Sales, High Plains Transportation, Denver, CO.


"Interaction with our personnel is effective ... services free of problems." M.M., System Network Manager, IBM/ROLM, Santa Clara, CA.


"... professional and appropriate ... always punctual ... well coordinated." J.C., System Engineer, IBM/ROLM, San Jose, CA


"I congratulate your design concept ... the job was a cinch with your having laid the design ground work ... I'll be happy to work with you again." E.L., President, InterMedia, Los Altos, CA