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The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants/ultimate-career-builder.html you to read."



Senior Management Services - Training

Ultimate Career Builder Masterclass

Purpose: To train your employees in the theory and practice of building their career as they build your business organization. They win, you win.

Intended Results: Employees who are willing and able to help you build your business will receive classroom instruction and individualized assistance. As an employee, you will learn:

  • How to leverage what you already know into a career move that benefits everyone.
  • How to create Action Plans and other materials that will boost your career.
  • How to parse your work.
  • How to assess current conditions then make plans and decisions.
  • How to communicate your intentions to others.
  • How to organize resources necessary to manifest your intentions as some tangible or intangible product/result.
  • How to use your resources, to produce your intended product/result.
  • How to qualify and correct the product/result to make sure it satisfies requirements.
  • How to deliver the product/result.
  • How to create flowcharts that help you speed up communication, isolate problems, and streamline production.
  • How to take advantage of work done by others.
  • How to promote yourself by promoting others.
  • How to make sure you are promotable now,
  • How to strengthen your credibility.
  • How to increase your professional visibility.
  • How to expand your market reach and recognition.
  • How to give yourself a distinct advantage over your competition.
  • How to leave winners in your wake.

Structure: This is an ongoing course with course manual and workbook, based on "The Ultimate Career Builder." Includes personal support from author in the form of email, telephone, and personal consultation. Group brainstorming accelerates the whole process.

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