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Business Managers: Do You Suffer Lost Profits Because Your Documentation Doesn't Make Sense?

Mike Hayden
Mike Hayden

If your passion is to stop lost profits and Build your Business Dream, then you'll love how documentation that makes sense can help you MAGNIFY your power and control!

If you're a business manager, I know you want to solve production problems, improve profits, AND relieve your pressure and worry. We work with managers like you who want to act now to stop lost profits caused by the "Vanishing Technology" Crisis that plagues companies today.

Press the Play Button to hear a 3-minute
Introduction to Vanishing Technology.

How does documentation give you control over the Vanishing Technology that causes lost profits?

For many managers, documentation is a thorn in your side, a snake in the grass... a rock in your shoe ... your constant source of distress and worry.

Still, you must know that the bedrock foundation - the business strategy - of every successful, enduring business is documented products and processes. You know you need documentation, but you want it done without having to worry about it. You want documentation that helps you create profits instead of draining your budget.

"We were skeptical ... [but] Your effectiveness was a major key to our success. Excellent!" -- C.N., Product Marketing Specialist, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a way to get better control and help you build your company's products on a solid foundation of documentation?

Companies with nagging documentation problems surround us in Silicon Valley. Some documentation problems are downright frightening -- but they can be solved. But, we have found that many people waste a lot of time, money and effort in developing documentation. Unfortunately, they don’t realize how much they’re losing! Many frustrations foul up documentation projects:

  • Unwieldy schedules,
  • Uncontrollable costs,
  • Unrelenting panic, confusion and worry,
  • And an ominous feeling of not moving ahead.

See Mike's Laws.

Put control back into your hands... solving this age-old problem of Inadequate Documentation! Here's the modern answer - a proven way to restore control to your documentation process.

Now you can use our GUARANTEED way to relieve your pressure and worry, solve your documentation problems, and get the results you want with effortless control. (More on our guarantee below.)

We have developed an extraordinary SYSTEM of services, products, and training just for you. It gives you extraordinary benefits and results at extra low costs.

Here's where power and documentation converge.

Our clients are key people who must stay on top of their game -- executives and senior managers who want things to happen their way because their high-tech companies are involved in software, semiconductors, biomedical systems, aerospace, finance, or business process development.

For decades, we've given managers like you what they really wanted. But frankly, I don't know whether we can do the same for you because I don't know you. But, I have a way to find out using our Needs Analysis System. After this analysis, if I find that I can't give you what you want, I will tell you ... but if I can, I won't be ashamed to tell you.

Of course, I need to know more about your situation. I need to listen and understand what you've been doing, how you do it, what you want, and what concerns and frustrates you. After that, I will prepare for you a Needs Survey Solution that won't cost you a penny!

Still, you might feel a little skeptical.

After all, you don't know me and I'm the one making the claims...

Frankly, many of our clients felt the same way because people who CAN solve these expensive management problems must have experience in many areas -- AND they're hard to find! Still, I'm sure you'd rather combine forces with someone who is highly trained, motivated, knows computers and information technology - someone who creates effective solutions in many areas including:

  • software/hardware applications,
  • management systems,
  • total quality management,
  • marketing, and
  • special projects

A client said: "We were skeptical..."

"We were skeptical because you were not a radiologist ... Thank you for all the effort and time ... for being flexible in the times of the day (nights) that we could work ... for thorough research, design, organization, writing, layout, accuracy ... was impressed when the manual passed our stringent Configuration Control Board without changes. Your effectiveness as an individual was a major key to the success. Excellent!" -- C.N., Product Marketing Specialist, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

We work only with clients for whom we can achieve great results. Scores of Silicon Valley company executives and managers found that they profited from our services. (Click links below to open small popup window.)

  • 30 years ago, we got our start by helping managers in software development, banking, semiconductor manufacturing, and more. Here are a few thumbnail descriptions of Technical Documentation Projects.

  • Here's how documentation saved this Major Computer Manufacturer weeks of training and restart hassles.

  • Documented business processes in every major department saved this Major Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer hundreds of employee hours every month.

  • Read how documentation helped this Major Bank move to their new Texas location while saving big $$ and restart hassles.

  • More Technical Documentation Projects.

  • Our management training and brainstorming processes revealed workable ideas, united employees' efforts, and improved morale and communication for this Startup Company in Wireless Technology.

  • This San Francisco Investment Company received an unexpected advantage from our financial model, which identified critical variables and their sensitivity to the overall analysis.

  • This Major Information Publisher used direct mail to obtain $7.4 million in cash-in-advance orders to empty a client's warehouse of nearly obsolete products!

A client said: "I wasn't sure if you would fit in ..."

"Mike, I wasn't sure if you would fit in here... [but] You have been a wonderful asset to the company and I hope that we will be able to do business together again." -- W.C., Director Engineering, ThinkFree.Com

You get our NO-FEAR GUARANTEE because we use tested and proven technological solutions. They have worked on hundreds of projects over 30 years to solve problems and seize opportunities. We minimize confusion and delays while putting certainty and profits into your business development. Plus, qualified clients receive the benefit of our FREE BONUSES!

Do you struggle to develop your documentation because you don't have a SYSTEM that works every time?

Get what you really want while saving your time and money.

I'm sure you want someone who can do the necessary research to dig out the critical details of your products and processes.

  • You need someone who will unravel mysteries and confusion.
  • You require someone who will work effectively with your Subject Matter Experts without wasting their time.
  • You want someone who will organize and document your every detail and important step in proper sequence.

And most of all, you must have someone who will transform your complex operations and intricate products into scrupulously researched how-to documentation. You want USABLE documentation that ordinary people can understand and use to solve problems and seize opportunities!

From my experience, I can tell you that our proven SYSTEM can help you perform miracles! Not religious miracles, but business miracles using documentation. Major corporations like Applied Materials, Ultratech, and Sun Microsystems hire us to help develop documentation that defines and protects their most valuable assets -- everything they've worked for.

But, you want more than just mere documentation, right?

You want to focus on your business at a higher level. You want a way to transcend your current marketplace position. You want knowledge and technologies so you can transform your dreams into real-world success.

A client said: "... your advice keeps me on track ..."

"Mike, I enjoy your weekly newsletter... [with] one or more useful gems for me. The consistency of your advice helps me stay on track with my documentation and delegation ... can't properly delegate without documentation! I use your position contracts and documentation of systems when hiring subcontractors ... I'll definitely be an early bird buyer for your new book. Best regards." -- Stew, Sheaves, Inc.

A client said: "... deep understanding of target market ..."

"Mike, your reply to [her] question shows a deep understanding of her target market. As a professional marketer, I'm impressed. And I'm hard to impress! [She] would do well to consider and apply your feedback. Cheers."
-- Brandon,

A client said: "Thank you for showing us how to involve people in the goals and purpose of the company ..."

"Mike Hayden, I have been struggling with this notion of aligning people and their companies. The top echelon wonders why [employees] don't do more. [Employees] wonder why [management doesn't] appreciate them more... In a few short minutes and a few paragraphs, you have caused the light bulb to come on brightly. Thank you for showing us how to involve people in the goals and purpose of the company so that their own purpose is illuminated. The tasks, or little tactics, as you note, still are completed, yet all is aligned to creating a better company and results. Bravo!" -- Jane Miller, Miller Institute

Immediate action produces immediate results!

Of course, it takes time. Of course, it costs money. Of course, it requires your participation. If you're a manager who wants immediate results, call (303) 585-1945 now.

To learn more without cost or obligation, please explore our site:

  • --> To create or improve your business documentation (Quality Management System, ISO 9000, operations manuals, franchise manuals, Monte Carlo Simulation, Leadership & Management, strategic planning, business articles, etc.)
  • --> To create or improve your technical documentation (software documentation, system documentation, technical brochures, design specifications, manufacturing work instructions, technical articles, technical manuals, user manual, etc.).

To your success,

PS: If you really want to cut your lost profits because you don't have documentation that WORKS for your customers and employees, call (303) 585-1945 now for your Needs Analysis without obligation. Put control back into your hands, get what you really want while saving your time and money. Immediate action produces immediate results! Call (303) 585-1945 now!


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