Hard Working Employees:

STOP! Take a deep breath. Frustrated by hard work without merit?
How do you feel about that? Do you want more rewards for your efforts?
The choice is yours. Use this material wisely.


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Read on.

Are you sabotaging your own raise or promotion? How many times have you started to ask for your raise or promotion but ... ?

I DARE you to take these 7 Easy Steps and NOT dramatically increase your income, your confidence, your advancement and reputation. Guaranteed.

7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

Read and apply these 7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

"The book that smart bosses want their employees to read."

"I spent myself into $104,000 debt for 2 Masters Degrees - and all I got was this lousy $30,000 a year job!" -- Sandy B.

Sandy is plenty mad. She thinks she's "entitled" to a bigger salary. Why does management ignore her?

How does Sandy undermine her chances for bigger salary -- without even realizing it? Her boss blames it on "the budget." Do you think that's the real reason? (I don't!)

Are you wasting your expensive education and unique experience? Disgusted with working hard but think you should be earning more?

But, do you know why most people can't be promoted?

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Do you want to move UP or OUT? Are you serious about finding out what to do next? Would you like to know how to leverage your skills and knowledge -- to make management happy to pay you more?

Are you motivated enough to read and apply the guaranteed 7 easy steps in "the book that smart bosses want their employees to read?"

Yes? If you're like me, you'd want to know more ... and you should.

You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going to learn about a proven system you can use to leverage what you already know into a career move that benefits all, assures your success, and keeps you on track.

Read on.


First, imagine this ...

You've done it! You followed the 7 Easy Steps to your promotion and raise! Today is your last day in your current job. You hand your Manual to your replacement.

You know your replacement will have no problems inheriting your old job. He won't be calling you with problems. He's happy that you helped him start on a winning track. And he's ecstatic about his promotion to your old job.

With confidence, you shake hands, congratulate each other, and wish each other well. You grab your things, and leave for your new position.

As you walk down the hall, you realize how easy it was. You're even planning how you're going to get promoted again - because now you know a proven fast way to "move up the ladder."

The valuable time and money saving information in "7 Easy Steps" made a tremendous positive change to your career.

Let's talk. I'm Mike Hayden, Author of "7 Easy Steps." Press the arrow below to listen to my "plain talk" 3-minute introduction.



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Without this book, you could spend five years or more to discover what I know now.

These techniques helped me build my entire organization. These same benefits are now available to you because you now have my experience to guide you. My purpose is to give you this information I've proven to be valuable.

Like me, you have probably spent money on books that are all cover and no contents. But, with my assistance, you can be clear about the correct steps to take from the start. Thus, you can quickly earn your promotion while saving time and frustration.

From this point forward please think of me as a friend you have known for some time, so I may speak frankly, as a friend.

Like me, you're probably methodical. So I know you value order, neatness, facts, attention to detail, and accurate reporting. You appreciate seeing tables and diagrams.

So, I know you don't want a book of flowery, emotional language. Instead, you want order, analysis, and factual information -- proven techniques you can actually use right now.

You're probably competitive, if so, I know you appreciate a real challenge. You are success-motivated. You are accomplished, direct and to-the-point. You look to future success.

I trust you have a sense of adventure with high values and personal integrity. And I have a pretty good idea what you want to know before you decide ...

OK. I know how you feel. I know you cringe every time you hear about another career book.

And I know you want to "go for it!"

But how?

I'm sure you are fed up with confusing, misleading, sketchy and overwhelming information… I know you want a simple, direct, proven system that will work for you.

You want a road map ... a guaranteed quick and easy formula ... Well, now you can join the ranks of people like Kathy Gillen, who writes ...

"Wow--I'm impressed! By the time I read page 10, I knew I wanted the printed version."

"[...] The workbook checklist at the beginning of your book is worth the price alone! [...]

"[...] I've coached executives and entrepreneurs for many years and this is the first program I've ever seen that makes documenting a position or business easy.

"I know many people who would never have been laid off if they'd had this program in place -- and I'll encourage my clients to use it as they plan their next promotion.

"Your overview and illustrations took a complex process and made it understandable. The "Objectives Questionnaire" makes it simple to stay focused. I've struggled for years as I've tried to put a process in place -- you broke it into bite-size pieces!

"I've already started my Manual and know the next steps to take. Seven Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion is an extremely valuable book for both corporate executives as well as entrepreneurs!"

Kathy Gillen, President GillenGroup Executive Coaching


"7 Easy Steps" tells you everything you want to know:

And much more, including...


Let there be no mistake - "7 Easy Steps" is NOT:

"7 Easy Steps" only requires one essential ingredient from you: You must be willing to work effectively in your own self-interest -- and I'll tell you how in 7 Easy Steps.

Stop! You may feel stuck in a dead-end job. You may have an "economical" boss. It happens. Don't worry. My proven techniques will help you confidently make a career change, even build your own organization if you want.

You may feel overworked now, but "7 Easy Steps" plus my BONUS techniques is guaranteed to ease your current situation, save your time, help you move up, and accelerate your income.

Easy? As you study every word of this book you will be amazed at how easy it will be for you ... Read below what Noel Rodrigue says in his letter ...

"Mike, my first reaction to your book was a realization that you had captured my attention completely. Something not everyone can manage to do.

"This book reads itself! Using conversations throughout was a stroke of genius!

"The idea of an Operations manual in a project environment is critical; having a 'blank' skeleton to work from is a tremendous time-saver even if the structure needs to be modified to fit the project. [...] I have been there and many of your experiences resonated strongly with my memories of some past positions!

"The concept and the approach to put it to work are simple, effective and easy to implement. If I were starting a business where I was planning to acquire employees, I'd put this kind of system into effect from the start, even before the first employee showed up! [...] "

Noel Rodrigue, Consultant / Freelance Writer


You may feel that my book (not available in any bookstore) is a little pricey. But, your investment here today will be peanuts compared to your previous investment in education and training that got you where you are today.

But, by ordering direct you save money and get these high-powered techniques to help you earn more money. You have a full year to use these techniques - if you're not satisfied I will refund every penny and you keep the BONUS. (See BONUS below.)


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You won't find "7 Easy Steps" in any store. Why? They don't give you a money-back guarantee.

Order today and I will personalize your copy of "7 Easy Steps" with your name on every page.

At this point, I know I've done everything necessary to help you understand how these "7 Easy Steps" techniques can help you get a make more money and "move up."

Still, I see no reason for you to take a chance. After all, I'm the one making all the claims, asking you to believe me. All I want you to do is try these techniques without risk.

You don't need "talent" or "education." If you can understand what I've said so far, you'll easily understand my book. You don't have to overhaul your career... You'll have no quizzes. You won't have to endure tedious memorizing or risky unproved experiments.

So before you give up for good and resign yourself to a lifetime of tedious dead-end jobs and an uninspiring career, put your faith in me and what I tell you.

But, don't just take my word for it...read this letter (verbatim) I received from a company president on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 [bold emphasis added].

Dear Mike,

Here are some sobering numbers from Money magazine, April 2005: 1 of 4 workers age 35 to 45 and 1 of 2 over 45 have been in the same job for more than 10 years!

If you don’t want this to describe you, grab this book and implement its clearly defined steps.

There are two primary reasons people don’t get promoted – higher management doesn't see you as management talent or your immediate superior doesn't see who will fill your position if you are promoted. Often both reasons apply.

7 Easy Steps addresses both these issues, with clear and specific steps to take as well as guidance on how to accomplish each step. This is not a philosophical book but a how to manual with checklists and workbook.

If you properly implement the seven steps in sequence, you will demonstrate an understanding of and a commitment to building the business of your company. This will mark you as a valuable management talent to be promoted. You will also solve the succession issue, which is probably the single biggest obstacle to promotion.

If your immediate superior is satisfied with your performance in your present position, he will not want to lose you. He needs your job done and done well. He will act, consciously or unconsciously, in ways that block your advancement. However, if the responsibilities and actions required to perform your job are clearly defined in an organized and written manner, he will have confidence that your replacement can get up to speed quickly. This will release you to assume a position of greater responsibility and higher compensation.

There is a very important point that 7 Steps skips. The book suggests you re-apply the entire process in your new position to prepare for the next promotion. Imagine you have gone through the process three or four times, with you and your replacements performing well in the new positions each time. You will have demonstrated the rarest and most sought after skill in business management – the development of personnel.

This isn't just a book for your next raise; it is a book for building an entire career. It can put a person of average intelligence and skills on the path to upper management in any company or institution.

Read, study and implement the 7 Steps. Then as soon as you are promoted, read, study and implement the 7 Steps again. It will be a life changing process.

Stew Walton
Sheaves, Inc.


I know these techniques work.

If you really want to accelerate your career -- using proven business techniques - order "7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion" today. I'll send you these dynamite techniques by return email. Then you will soon know the proven, easy way to more income and upward mobility!

I guarantee your satisfaction, or I will refund your money without hesitation.


PS: Let me say again. These simple and proven techniques will enrich your career and increase your income. Order today without risk.

PPS: These are techniques you won't learn in school. If you're wondering whether you have seen these techniques before... then you need to save the agony of trying to figure them out, and find out for yourself without risk!


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Tom describes himself as a prince of disorder, champion of bold failures, maestro of zest, professional loudmouth, corporate cheerleader, lover of markets,capitalist pig …

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If you're a Profitable Venture Tactics subscriber, you know that I give you no-nonsense business management techniques that work. You know you'll get more than your money's worth from this book. You know that I know my stuff.

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"Dear Mike, I really enjoy our association. I have a new look at things - and new vigor! We're now writing down everything, step-by-step, for our (operations manuals) ... and starting new maintenance classes ... it's fun and interesting. Thanks."

--S.G., VP Sales, High Plains Transportation, Denver, CO.


"... knowing you were available for consulting and tips gave me the security to go about my tasks without fear of being 'out there alone.' Your techniques and skills are quite valuable, keep sharing them!"

--B.J., Consultant, San Francisco, CA.


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