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Executive Summary

Have you experienced the frustration of watching companies sink like leaky ships?

I have, too.

You point to the leaks. But, their crews say, "We have no time to patch leaks. We're too busy sailing for the gold." (Good luck!)

When you lose your most valuable assets...your people...your business processes...your intellectual property, your company is like that sinking ship.

And you know you cannot sail a leaky ship . . . very far.

To develop a "seaworthy" business, you - or someone - must write stuff down! The right stuff! This helps you must build your business like a leak-proof hull. Documenting your business is the work of "business development."

But, most people HATE to write!

When business BOOMS people say:

"We don't have time to write . . . too many projects . . . it is not a priority now . . . we'll get to it later ... yada ... yada ... yada ..."

Yet, when there's a business BUST ... people always have time to write CYA Memos and resumes!

The bottom line: Employees seldom write your vital business documentation!

Will your company avoid becoming a "sinking ship?"

Apply the business development techniques I call Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT), and you will enrich your business - whether you're a small startup, a growing franchise, or a huge corporation!

Especially, if you are downsizing, you can use Profitable Venture Tactics to help retain your people . . . your business processes . . . your intellectual property.

Better yet, PVT can help you build your business to survive the hard times! (But, it is best to act before your company becomes a "sinking ship.")

"I've always had confidence in your ability and enjoy working with you. I have every confidence that your support will be professional and helpful."

--C. S., Principal, OutSource.

The one thing you must do.

You must develop your business to survive hard times.

This means you - or someone - must write stuff down - the right stuff! This means you must work ON the business along with working IN the business.

Our Profitable Venture Tactics can help you create the right documentation to integrate four steps to success:

  1. Organizing,
  2. Planning,
  3. Developing, and
  4. Operating your business.

1. Press Play below to hear the "7-Minute MBA."

2. When the audio ends, the system will automatically display your "7 Minute MBA Workbook," a PDF file ready-to-print.

3. Print the Workbook, which is a transcript of the audio. There are 13 pages with plenty of room for your notes and ideas based on the audio. There's also a link back to the audio. (NOTE: If the workbook did not display automatically, click --> HERE to download the PDF file.)

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If we can't increase your profits and save you time, money and trouble -- you pay nothing!

For more information about how you can benefit, email for a Free Needs Analysis.

Let me say again: If we can't increase your profits and save you time, money and trouble -- you pay nothing!

Don't let resistance to writing stunt the growth of your business!

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Senior Management Services (1984)

Mike founded SMS as a business consulting firm to help clients increase profits by re-engineering processes, managing quality, and reducing costs. Mike is also an expert in organizational development and strategic planning.

Documentation Express (1974)

After several years as a software engineer, Mike founded the Documentation Express to specialize in developing high-tech documentaion for Silicon Valley companies.

Documentation Express is now a division of
Senior Management Services.

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