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Could you be missing out on any of these
89 BENEFITS of documentation?

  1. Prevent "Vanishing Technology."
  2. Control your company's growth.
  3. Control your company's downsizing.
  4. Build your business to survive the hard times.
  5. Accelerate your product development.
  6. Inspire new action in project management.
  7. Create new products for changing markets. .
  8. Change low production into high performance. .
  9. Streamline your production.
  10. Turn dissatisfied customers into loyal fans.
  11. Curtail your dependence on "key people" and "tribal knowledge."
  12. Develop a result producing system ... a SYSTEM that amplifies ordinary skills and abilities into extraordinary results.
  13. Integrate four steps to success: Organizing, Planning, Developing, and Operating your business.
  14. Relieve the pressure of having to boost production and profits with fewer people.
  15. Create your branding and image.
  16. Arrange things into functional patterns for specific action.
  17. Create a structure so your people can systematically cooperate to conduct business.
  18. Create your organizational strategy.
  19. Streamline fulfillment of your organization's Strategic Objective.
  20. Show your management structure and career paths, and how positions report to each other.
  21. Create signed agreements to produce specific results.
  22. Create written procedures for department interactions, for hiring and firing, etc.
  23. Clarify your basic goals, requirements, and activities.
  24. Promote your services and products.
  25. Delegate accountabilities.
  26. Turn skeptical executives into loyal fans.
  27. Train your personnel.
  28. Help you get organized.
  29. Boost your production and profits.
  30. Design and specify your products.
  31. Solve complicated problems.
  32. Develop instructions that specify how your departments interface, how personnel interface, who can give commands to whom, etc.
  33. Reduce or eliminate assumptions and second-guessing.
  34. Specify effective communication protocol.
  35. Specify clear instructions for your employees.
  36. Show your employees, step-by-step, how to create some desired result.
  37. Tell your service people what to say on the phone.
  38. Streamline your production.
  39. Create and use an Org Chart as your effective management tool.
  40. Show your management hierarchy.
  41. Show your manufacturing process.
  42. Show departmental communication lines.
  43. Pinpoint your most important problems and opportunities.
  44. Determine the most important conditions that affect your processes.
  45. Specify what your employees must produce and communicate in each step to produce desired results.
  46. Promote accurate and timely communication.
  47. Debug your software and hardware.
  48. Document your job so you can be promoted.
  49. Inspire sales.
  50. Tell your service people how to fix things.
  51. Devise a system for communicating with clients, staff, and vendors.
  52. Work ON your business as you work IN your business.
  53. Delegate as much of your work as possible.
  54. Get the most from your staff and business.
  55. Relieve your worries and improve control of your staff and workload.
  56. Streamline and verify your systems.
  57. Explore and test new ways to streamline your processes.
  58. Diagram your processes.
  59. Orchestrate selling, filling orders, creating reports, accounting, etc.
  60. Find root causes and solve the REAL problems.
  61. Outline a system for scheduling work, reporting progress.
  62. Uncover your bottlenecks.
  63. Test and compare various staffing plans.
  64. Perform what-if analysis.
  65. Schedule your staff and plan your shifts.
  66. Design your system for researching, organizing, writing, and managing projects.
  67. Lay out a system for coordinating projects, managing time.
  68. Plan a system for debugging new products.
  69. Design a system for tracking work-in-progress.
  70. Develop technical documentation and operations manuals.
  71. Create a SYSTEM for developing documentation.
  72. Eliminate the need to re-ask the same questions.
  73. Save time and trouble for Subject Matter Experts (SME).
  74. Serve clients with certainty.
  75. Plan interviews in advance.
  76. Conduct perfect logistics (having the right stuff at the right place at the right time).
  77. Put your principles in writing.
  78. Define personal principles and set worthy goals
  79. Define your business goals to follow your personal goals.
  80. Put competent, trained servers in front of customers.
  81. Make sure every department and every employee provides some service to others.
  82. Tell others "Here's how we do it here."
  83. Tell others "Here's how we recruit, hire, and train others to do it."
  84. Tell others "Here's how we manage our people and processes."
  85. Tell others "Here's how we innovate and improve our products and services."
  86. Develop a QUALITY MANUAL that explains Company Philosophy and Policies.
  87. Develop an OPERATING PROCEDURES MANUAL that explains WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, AND WHO, with Operating Principles and Strategies.
  88. Develop WORK INSTRUCTIONS MANUALS that explain HOW-TO, with Day-to-day Practices.
  89. Develop an Employee Handbook that conveys equal opportunity, personal records, compensation, personal days, leave of absence, common courtesy, home & work, rules of conduct, benefits, contributions, refreshments, your workstation, tardiness, standards for regulation, health & safety, etc.

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