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High-Tech Applications Summary

Looking for a high-tech writer / consultant with skills in many areas?

Many companies have flattened bureaucracies.

Companies have automated or farmed out entire business functions. Thus, writers and consultants today must have experience in many areas. AND they're hard to find.

Traditionally, most writers and consultants have narrow departmental experience in engineering, tech pubs, data processing, or marketing.

So today, most companies demand more than narrow experience. They require more responsibility than in past years.

Freelance Work Exchange As a freelancer and independent contractor, I've been privileged to participate in an incredible number of high-tech applications (below). This, combined with my advanced education, makes me a highly trained and motivated consultant, who can:

My job is more than just knowing my job. It's knowing my job and other's jobs.

It's knowing products, customers, and competitors. It's knowing packaging, price points, sales process, ... and profits. My experience and training are equivalent to a double or triple major in college.

If you think you need an entire staff to get things done, please let me show you I'm the man you want!

Mike Hayden's High-Tech Applications Experience

Accounting systems

Medical imaging systems


Missile fuel-rate simulation

Aircraft/missile flight simulation

Monte Carlo simulation

Anesthetic drug delivery system

Multi-user systems

Applied mathematics

Natural language database system

Automated banking systems

Oil field exploration

Automated drug infusion

Operating systems

Barter system franchise development

Product development

Beyesian analysis & modeling

Project management

Biochemistry of nutrition

Quality assurance

Bio-medical systems

Quality control

Business management

Real-time banking

Business modeling

Real-time lunar exploration

Business process development

Research & development

Business process simulation

Sales management

Computer programming

Script developmen

Computer system design

Semiconductor manufacturing

Database design and management

Show booth development

Digital Landmass simulation

Small business development

Energy management

Software development

Financial analysis

Strategic planning

Financial modeling

Surgical lasers

Financial portfolio management

Surveyor Lunar Lander

Fingerprint analysis and cross-indexing

Telemarketing systems

Food management

Telephone switching and control

Franchise development

Terrain following/avoidance radar

High level programming languages

Timberland acquisition analysis

Inertial guidance systems

Timesharing systems

Inventory systems

Traffic control

ISO 9000 qualification

Training program development

Laser surgery equipment

Treasury management


Ultrasound imaging

Manuscript editing/updating

Voice synthesis

Market planning and analysis

Web-based training

Materials requirements planning (MRP)

Wireless devices



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