Documentation Express

A Division of Senior Management Services

"When you hate struggling with documentation!"

I'm highly trained, motivated, and:

  • Fit into lean organizations with tough competition.
  • Create effective solutions in many areas including: management, marketing, special projects, total quality management.
  • Understand computers and information technology.
  • Work well in teams, whether leading or following.
  • Traverse departmental lines easily.


If you're a senior manager, let's discuss how I can make a contribution to your operation.

If you think you need an entire staff to get things done, please let me show you I'm the man you want!

My Personal Mission Statement

My purpose in life is to use my perseverance and entrepreneurial skills to help build companies where everyone gets the job done by having fun supporting each other, keeping their word, and being co-operative.

The best use of my productive time, heartfelt effort and passionate dedication is to write how-to material that is focused on others' wants and needs. I will help manifest effective companies and nurturing relationships through writing for and training others.

I serve clients to the best of my ability using these Transferable Skills:

  • Research, writing, technical development
  • Managing, supervising, inspiring others
  • Addressing groups, training others

I use my Special Knowledge and Proven Experience to help clients achieve their objectives:

  • Strategic planning and organizational strategy
  • Project Management
  • Computer Systems / Programming
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Training others
  • Process development
  • Writing &endash; technical, marketing and business processes

I serve entrepreneurial organizations with pro-active management and committed, enthusiastic people, where punctuality is a standard.

I serve marketing- and service-oriented organizations with a propensity for action and these Values, Goals, and Purposes


  • Appropriateness
  • Reliability / Quality
  • Contribution
  • Service

Goals / Purposes:

  • Profitable / Growth
  • Customer service
  • Ongoing training
  • Developing positive relationships, as well as, commodities
  • Market oriented, not product fixated

Also, see my Maximum Action Service Pledge.