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Recruiter: Please examine my Personal Mission Statement, then click "NEXT" at the bottom.
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My Personal Mission Statement

My purpose in life is to use my perseverance and entrepreneurial skills to help build client companies. I will help manifest effective companies and nurturing relationships through writing for and training others.

I serve clients to the best of my ability using these Transferable Skills:

I use my Special Knowledge and Proven Experience to help clients achieve their objectives:

I serve entrepreneurial organizations with pro-active management and committed, enthusiastic people, where punctuality is a standard.

I serve marketing- and service-oriented organizations with a propensity for action and these Values, Goals, and Purposes


Goals / Purposes:













I'm highly trained, motivated, and:

If you think you need an entire staff to get things done, please let me show you I'm the man you want!


The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants you to read."