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NEW! "I've just become marketing's worst nightmare!"

I think my latest course (Website Strategy MasterClass) may have been misnamed. I would call it the BUSINESS Strategy MasterClass. Anyway... The MasterClass was limited to 32 qualifying CEOs from Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and United States. Read about it here!

For 8 years I went to college in the Bay Area. I was primarily a math and science major.

I took all the courses I wanted -- and none that I didn't want. I was busy with a full-time aerospace job and raising a family. I had a high interest in learning so I changed my major numerous times to accommodate the counselors who said I couldn't take some course because it wouldn't count toward my major, or that it wasn't the proper time, etc.

Eventually, I discovered valuable commercial courses more effective and useful than "traditional" education (indoctrination). (The Latin root word for education, educare, means to draw out -- NOT stuff in.) I quit college in 1966.

That was long ago and the names of the Bay Area colleges don't matter. Any "credentials" I might have earned would be overridden by professional experience.

Since then, I've spent more than $100,000 on "non-traditional" education. FAR MORE effective. MUCH more fun!


The process of learning and using scientifically validated management, marketing, and business techniques is ongoing. Thus, my enrollment and participation in advanced education is ongoing. Following is a list of courses completed over the last 20 years.


Accepting a Winning Role in Today's Society

Assistants' Training

Behavioral Science of the Mind in Action

Communications Workshop

Creating Successful Relationships

Decision Making and Effective Choice

Discipline of Leadership and Authority

Discovery & Resolution of Conflicts

Exceleration 1000

Graduate Leadership Training

Graduate Review

Guest Evening Leadership Training

History of Personal Awareness

Illness and Health

Individual Sex Roles and Responses

Insight Through Sound


Leadership and Management

Life Designs

Enhancing Personal Productivity

Listening and Being Listened To

Master Course in Communication

Master Planning Workshop

Men in Leadership

Money Workshop

Personal Presentation and Positive Response

Power and Success

Productive Leisure

Public Presentation and Sales

Relationships I

Purpose of Business Relationships

Relationships II

Self Image

Ship 'n Share

Summit Maximum Action Research Training

Telephone Presentation and Sales

Telephone Training

The Experiment

The Fear Of ..

The Hush Workshop in Hawaii

The Male Perspective & Effect on Productivity

The Role of Ego in Human Behavior

Video Workshop: Here's Looking at You

Well Being


Building and Keeping Effective People

Cash Management

Chief Executive Officers Meetings

Everybody Knows Their Job

Get What You Want from Subordinates

Organizing Your Company

Power Management

Power Marketing

Power Selling

Power Thinking

Sales Process

Staying on Top of Your Commitments



Avatar / Avatar Master / Avatar Wizard

Creative Initiative Foundation

Dale Carnegie Personal Relations

Dale Carnegie Sales Course

est and numerous est seminars

Freedom Law School

International Institute for Personal Achievement

Martial Arts: Aikido, Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Bagua

Simmons Institute


Xerox Professional Selling Skills

Family Light Music School

California Professional Music Business Academy

Brooks Photography School

Dramatica Pro Screenwriting Course

Brain Audit Master Class (Marketing) School of Thinking
Website Strategy Master Class  




The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants you to read."