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About Mike

Mike Hayden is Founder of Senior Management Services and the Documentation Express in Silicon Valley, California.

Mr. Hayden, an expert in organizational development and strategic planning, has more than thirty years of experience as a programmer, writer, author, and consultant for Silicon Valley corporations and has served in industries as varied as software, semiconductors, biomedical systems, aerospace simulation, and business process development.

After several years as a software engineer, Mr. Hayden founded the Documentation Express in 1974, to help software companies develop their technical (API) documentation, design specifications, and end-user manuals.

Later (1984), Mr. Hayden founded Senior Management Services as a high-level business development services firm, to help clients increase profits by re-engineering processes, managing quality, and reducing costs. The Documentation Express is now a division of Senior Management Services.

Mr. Hayden is author of:

  • "7 Easy Steps to your Raise & Promotion in 30-60 days."
  • "The Ultimate Career Builder."
  • "Organizing Your Business for Success (Summer 2005)."
  • "Profitable Venture Tactics eZine "

Mr. Hayden says:

"My purpose in life is to use my perseverance and entrepreneurial skills to help build companies where people get the job done by having fun, supporting each other, and being co-operative. The best use of my productive time, heartfelt effort, and passionate dedication, is to help manifest effective companies through writing for and training others."

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Software/Technical Documentation

30 years ago, we got our start by helping managers in software development, banking, semiconductor manufacturering, and more. Here are a few thumbnail descriptions of Technical Documentation Projects.

Business & Process Documentation


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