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Some people stereotype Mike as a "tech writer."

That's true. In 1974, Mike founded the Documentation Express to specialize in developing software documentation for Silicon Valley clients.

NOTE: Writing is not the same thing as running a business that does writing!

Many "writers" have tried running a writing business and hastily quit. They had only narrow departmental experience with little or no experience in business, marketing, sales, etc.

However, Mike's job is more than just writing...

In his career, he's delivered over 30,000 pages of high-tech documentation and served scores of companies in software development, marketing, sales, business development, advertising, direct mail, training, and more. Mike says:

"My purpose in life is to use my perseverance and entrepreneurial skills to help build companies... The best use of my productive time, heartfelt effort and passionate dedication is to write how-to material that is focused on others' wants and needs. I will help manifest effective companies through writing for and training others. "

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Client Comments

"Thank You! I appreciate the use of your materials." A.K., Principal, San Mateo, CA.

"Congratulations on an outstanding promotional idea!" C.G., Vice President, Data Disc, Sunnyvale, CA.

"I want to take a moment to let you know how much your support contributes to our Creative Department. Thank you again for your participation." T.C., Staff Manager, San Francisco, CA.

"I'm so pleased with the October Newsletter ... we had excellent response from it. It definitely produced action. Thanks!" D.A. Vice President, Barter Systems, San Mateo, CA.

"... recently I had the good fortune of coming across your informative newsletter ... please add me to your mailing list. Thank You." S.M.G., Principal, Harbrace House, Irvine CA.

"I, like most managers, receive a basket full of sales mail each day - most of it is trash, dull, and unimaginative. You succeed in telling about your product and yet sprinkle enough life into your letter that it got a whole reading - in fact even a response. Good work!" R.D., Director of Manufacturing, Cetec, Santa Clara, CA.

"...(we recently ran) your program ... we saved about 10 hours of machine time for a problem which used to run 18 hours!" A.B., Project Engineer, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO.

"Thank you very much for the effort you put forth on our project. We are all very pleased with the results you gave us." R.S., Research Scientist, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO.

"Thank you for your time, talent and generosity ... we are indeed impressed with your interest and dependability ... you have provided a most worthwhile service." J.D.S., Principal, Redwood City, CA.

"Thank you for minimizing the problems at SRI ... installation and acceptance of the computers at SLAC, Stanford, Singer Link. I have come to depend on your ability to get things done - and in a creative manner." B.J., District Manager, Scientific Data Systems, Sunnyvale, CA.

"(Certificate of Appreciation)É in recognition of outstanding support of TI's communication and leadership program." C. S., President, Diablo 598.

"Congratulation on achieving ATM É reflects dedication É high degree of enthusiasm É strong self discipline É effective communicator É" T. J. M., Executive Director, Toastmasters International.

"I've always had confidence in your ability and enjoy working with you. I have every confidence that your support (in this area) will be professional and helpful." C. S., Principal, OutSource.

"Nice job, Mike. I really appreciate you're coming through for ThinkFree. I found it extremely hard to find someone sufficiently diligent and competent for them who'd agree to work onsite as much as they needed. It was a major relief to have them off my "emergency" list." AD, President, Synergistech Communications, Inc.

"... This is the best manual this company has brought out ... I actually read it! ... well laid out ... easy to find data quickly." Sales Rep, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

"[We were skeptical because you were not a radiologist ..] We were skeptical because you were not a radiologist ... Thank you for all the effort and time ... for being flexible in the times of the day (nights) that we could work ... for thorough research, design, organization, writing, layout, accuracy ... was impressed when the manual passed our stringent Configuration Control Board without changes. Your effectiveness as an individual was a major key to the success. Excellent!" C.N., Product Marketing Specialist, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

"Excellent! In my opinion, the best manual/tutorial Qantel has ever produced!" E.I., Manager Marketing Applications, Qantel, Hayward, CA.

"This manual is unprecedented as a user's manual for ROLM Corporation ... most complete manual that has been prepared for ROLM ACD users." D.V., ACD Product Manager, ROLM Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.

"Mike, I wasn't sure if you would fit in here. You have been a wonderful asset to the company and I hope that we will be able to do business together again." W.C., Director Engineering, ThinkFree.Com

"... knowing you were available for consulting and tips gave me the security to go about my tasks without fear of being 'out there alone.' Your techniques and skills are quite valuable, keep sharing them!" B.J., Consultant, San Francisco, CA.

"I really enjoy our association. I have a new look at things - and new vigor! We're now writing down everything, step-by-step, for our (operations manuals) ... and starting new maintenance classes ... it's fun and interesting. Thanks." S.G., VP Sales, High Plains Transportation, Denver, CO.

"All questions answered knowledgeably ... documents accurately prepared ... activities properly recorded and reported." E.L., Director, Information Access, Belmont, CA.

"Interaction with our personnel is effective ... services free of problems." M.M., System Network Manager, IBM/ROLM, Santa Clara, CA.

"... professional and appropriate ... always punctual ... well coordinated." J.C., System Engineer, IBM/ROLM, San Jose, CA

"I congratulate your design concept ... the job was a cinch with your having laid the design ground work ... I'll be happy to work with you again." E.L., President, InterMedia, Los Altos, CA



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