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"Our marketing department's worst nightmare!"

Every year, I spend thousands $ on advanced training to better serve my clients. Last week's Website Strategy MasterClass provided a LIVE workshops that delivered:

I think the MasterClass may have been misnamed. I would call it the MARKETING & BUSINESS Strategy MasterClass. Anyway... The MasterClass was limited to 32 qualifying CEOs from Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and United States.

One CEO who previously believed that marketing doesn't work said, "I have just become our marketing department's worst nightmare!"

BEFORE: "Uh oh... Is this Website Strategy MasterClass going to be worth the money?"

Photo By Wayne Wallace Photography

Sean (kneeling center, blue shirt) and Renuka (center standing, red shirt). ready after scores of hours of preparing materials for the Website Strategy MasterClass.

Participants (PsychoTactics' 5000BC Cavers and Protégé Members) anxious to get started! Funny, where are the suits and ties? They don't look like CEOs and business bigshots!

The Core Secret - How do you make your website more than a "store?"

(Diagram) Everything begins with the core secret!

Some of the topics covered in Website Strategy MasterClass (some are so obvious that no one thinks about them and thus don't get them right):

1. The number one reason people go to the Internet, and how failure to address this can be fatal to website success.

2. The most important question that should be answered BEFORE designing each web page, and each element on that page.

3. The core concept that makes your website, and your whole business, more than just a "store," with examples of others who have successfully done this.

4. The "three prong" model to move your business from manual labor to high profit leverage.

5. The critical difference between "education" and "information," and why you need both.

6. The true function of bonuses.

7. Why it is imperative to have customers take off the shrink wrap and use the product.

8. The secret of the "infinite loop" lead generation system.

And much more ...

Thank you Sean and Renuka! (See photos below.)

P.S. Don't look to my website to see an example of the MasterClass... yet. It will take a while to implement what I learned.

Breakout Sessions!

Photo By Unknown, probably Sean

This MasterClass was not a typical corporate info-dump.

We participated in group brainstorming and strategy sessions that took everyone's business and website to the "next level."

(Thankfully, there was not a single mention of HTML, CSS, XML, or other esoteric webpage coding.)

Photo By Unknown, maybe Sean

Cozy environment for discussion and brainstorming.


The "Elmo Dancers"

Photo By Wayne Wallace Photography

Elmo played a key role in maintaining order and discipline! (You'd have to be there!)

Hey! I need silverware for my Margarita, I mean, enchiladas!

Photo By Unknown, not Sean (seated)

On Day 2, we relaxed for dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery.

YES! Of course, we got MORE than our money's worth!

Photo By Wayne Wallace Photography

When we left, everyone was excited to begin implementing what we learned.

The Website Strategy MasterClass was presented by PsychoTactics

See brief video here.

I have gotten great value from all the PsychoTacticsmaterials and programs.

Best Regards,

Mike Hayden, Principal/Consultant
Your partner in streamlining business.

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Mike, your reply to Daphne's question shows a deep understanding of her target market. As a professional marketer, I'm impressed. And I'm hard to impress! Daphne would do well to consider and apply your feedback. Cheers!
-- Brandon,



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