Building Your Business Model


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The "7 Minute MBA"
-- 10 Questions about Building your Business Dream --

1. Do you need Extraordinary People?
2. What are the Basic Ideas?

3. What are the Basic Rules?
4. What is your Vision Statement?
5. What are your Objectives?
6. What is your Situation?
7. How did you get into today's Situation?
8. What are your Options?
9. What will be your Costs?
10. What are Recommendations?


Hear the answers to these questions AND
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1. Press Play below to hear the "7-Minute MBA."

2. When the audio ends, the system will automatically display your "7 Minute MBA Workbook," a PDF file ready-to-print.

3. Print the Workbook, which is a transcript of the audio. There are 13 pages with plenty of room for your notes and ideas based on the audio. There's also a link back to the audio. (NOTE: If the workbook did not display automatically, click --> HERE to download the PDF file.)

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