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Mike Hayden, Founder


"Most people are not entrepreneurs, but technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. They're so busy working IN their business, they don't take the time to work ON their business."

-- Michael Gerber

Come join us for our weekly Reno Entrepreneurs Club get-together for fun, entrepreneuring, socializing, marketing, and networking! Plus:

You'll thrill to live jazz entertainment!

Ample free parking on site.

No Admission Fee

(No-Host bar.)

Bring your business cards, flyers, brochures & promotional materials to share!

RSVP today and I will send you a FREE eBook called:

"CardShark: Killer Business Cards That Sell Like Crazy!"

When is it?


To be Announced!


Where's the Fun?

The Enoteca Wine Cellar & Tasting Bar
at the Siena Hotel

One South Lake Street

Reno, Nevada 89501


The Siena Hotel is between Center and Lake at Mill Street, on the south side of the Truckee River. Map below.

From the main entrance level, take the elevator down one flight to the Enoteca Wine Cellar.

Siena Hotel

Enoteca Wine Cellar. First Class!

Who's been invited?

You! Plus: Reno business people, writers, managers, techies, musicians, engineers, executives, employees, consultants, business owners, entertainers, advertising experts, creative types, finance angels, entrepreneurs, people interested in entrepreneuring and marketing!



Map to Siena Hotel

The Enoteca Wine Cellar is an unforgettable wine bar serving over 35 wines by the glass and more than 300 choices by the bottle. The mood is enhanced with a smoke-free environment, live jazz, food & wine parings. Ask about the Liquid Lessons!

Full bar, too.

Questions? (303) 585-1945

See you there!

Founder, Reno Entrepreneurs Club


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