Welcome to the ThinkFree Show Tutorial


This tutorial shows you how to use ThinkFree Show to prepare presentations for live audiences or your web site visitors. Show offers all the features you need to organize, create, and deliver colorful and informative presentations such as:

What you'll learn in this tutorial

This tutorial is an exercise in your own creativity. Use this tutorial to experiment with Show's features and create whatever you want. There is no predicted or expected outcome.

In this tutorial you'll learn about:

  1. Startup and Tour of Toolbars
  2. Basic Operations, Inserting Textboxes and Text
  3. Working with Type Fonts and Textbox Attributes
  4. Paragraph indentation, alignment, line spacing, and bullets
  5. Inserting shapes and lines
  6. Inserting images
  7. Grouping, ungrouping, aligning, overlapping objects
  8. Creating a Master Slide
  9. Inserting / deleting slides
  10. Viewing and sorting miniature slides
  11. Setting up a slide show