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Managers, executives, and business owners: Are you buried under business problems like these?

Are you agonizing over declining profits, downsizing, or disorganization? Are you swamped with technical issues, or suffering "brain drain?" Are you struggling to start a new company?

With problems like these, you may endure unrelenting pressure and worry. You know you could solve these complex problems - if only you had enough time - but your accelerating business environment engulfs you. You’re frantically busy - and you just can’t do everything at once!

Meanwhile, problems pile up on your desk...

You may be losing your key people, proprietary processes, and intellectual property to competitors... You may need an orderly transition for your move or restructuring... You may need to document your key business processes so you can be certified for a Quality Management System like ISO 9000...

You know that solving these problems takes talent, training, time, and tenacity. But, solving them would bring you peace of mind, save your time, and increased your profits.

Perhaps we can help you solve problems and seize opportunities...

Our proven SYSTEM consists of integrated consulting, training, and exclusive products to help you build your business dream and optimize your profits. You can get these services and products individually or tailor them into packages to amplify your own resources.

Our "product" is improved profits for clients that we can help to:

  • Solve Profit-Purging Problems, and
  • Seize Profit-Plenty Opportunities.

Thus, together we become partners in creating new profits. That's the basis of our win-win relationship. Here are some clients who have used our proven solutions to profitably optimize their people, proprietary processes, and intellectual property:

2Bridge, 3Com, Abbott Labs, AMD, Amdahl, Applied Materials, Bank of America, Concept Systems, Crown Zellerbach, CuTek, Diasonics, Geoworks, Harris, IBM, Intel, ITT, JPL, LaserSonics, Link General Precision, Lockheed, Measurex, Qume, Rolm, SRI, Sun, UltraTech, VLSI, and many more.


You must be satisfied. We can guarantee our work because we use technological solutions proven effective over 3 decades on hundreds of projects. Why worry? Why take chances?

Still, you might feel a bit skeptical...

...Many of our clients felt the same way because people who can solve these expensive management problems must have experience in many areas -- AND they're hard to find! Still, I’m sure you’d rather collaborate with someone who is highly trained, motivated, and:

  • Knows computers and information technology.
  • Fits into lean organizations with tough competition.
  • Works well in teams, whether leading or following.
  • Traverses departmental lines easily.
  • Creates effective solutions in many areas including:
    • Management Systems,
    • Total Quality Management,
    • Software/hardware Applications,
    • Marketing,
    • Special projects.

Scores of Silicon Valley company executives and managers found that they profited from our services.

"Mike, I wasn't sure if you would fit in here. You have been a wonderful asset to the company... " W.C., Director of Engineering, ThinkFree.Com.

"We were skeptical because you were not a radiologist ... Thank you for all the effort and time ... for being flexible ... for thorough research, design, organization ... Your effectiveness as an individual was a major key to the success. Excellent!" C.N., Product Marketing Specialist, Diasonics, Milpitas, CA.

Of course, you want to know more...

...And you should because you want exceptional skills, knowledge and intuition. And, you want to know the people -- before you work with them. That only makes sense when you are serious about growing your bottom line.

So, let me ask you - because only you can make this decision - do you want to solve your profit-draining problems and seize your profitable opportunities?

Yes? Let's get acquainted!

Please browse our website for detailed information about our integrated system of solutions to help you become more profitable.

If you want to jump right in, click on the book cover below. It’s a free, 22-page workbook with a detailed outline that gives you an effective tool for creating your own Action Plan to solve priority problems and seize priority opportunities. The workbook is bundled with a free chapter of "Organize your Business for Success."

PS: Are your problems worth solving? Are your opportunities worth seizing? We guarantee that will improve your bottom line. Click here to find out whether Senior Management Services is for you.

PPS: Need help with the down and dirty development of technical documentation? Click here for the Documentation Express.

This 22-page FREE workbook helps you evaluate and sort three important areas:

  • Key areas of business development you judge most important;
  • Critical items in those key areas you consider most relevant; and,
  • The sequence you want these key areas and critical items handled.

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