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In 1984, I began developing and documenting a result producing system, a business prototype, to amplify ordinary skills and abilities into extraordinary results. I named it Senior Management Services. From 1984 - 1992 I worked on the system.

Why? If results in business depend on extraordinary people, it's not duplicable. Great businesses depend on duplicable systems. It doesn't take extraordinary people to build a great business.

Ordinary people build great businesses by producing extraordinary results using a duplicable system.

The Senior Management Services system is tested. Proven. It works. And -- refinement continues as times and tools change -- business development is ongoing. The fully documented Senior Management Services (SMS) prototype includes the following departments:

1.0 CEO / Executive

2.0 Quality Assurance

3.0 Marketing

  • Advertising/Promotion: Direct Mail, Telemarketing.
  • Sales: Standard Products, Custom Products.
  • Market Research: Research, Sales Process Development.
  • Customer Service: Applications/Proposals, Technical Support.

4.0 Operations

  • Materials Handling: Purchasing, Inventory Control, Ship/Receive
  • Quality Control.
  • Service Process Development.
  • Product Development: Manuscript Development, Creative Services (Safari Studios ), Text Processing/Typesetting.

5.0 Finance

  • Accounting: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit.
  • Administrative: Personnel, General Services, Facilities.
  • Information Management: Computer Systems, Financial Modeling.

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