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Yes... about the Reno Entrepreneurs Club...

I have been back in Silicon Valley for a while and haven't had time to commit to the Reno Entrepreneurs Club (REC).

When I return to Reno, I will start it up again because it was a blast!

I would transfer the Club to Silicon Valley (and rename it), but last I heard, Silicon Valley has plenty of clubs!

Meanwhile, please visit our site and download some Free Stuff.

Best Regards,


"Most people are not entrepreneurs, but technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. They're so busy working IN their business, they don't take the time to work ON their business." -- Michael Gerber


(Draft effective Saturday, May 8, 2004)

The best way to succeed as an entrepreneur in uncertain economic times is to try harder and work smarter.

Maneuvering around the pitfalls of a skittish economy requires some tough business decisions and a strong entrepreneurial skill set, including marketing, doing more with less, improving productivity, collecting timely receivables, and avoiding "drag and lag" decision-making.

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. (I would add that most employees organize, operate, and assume risks, too.) For a more complete definition, see What is an Entrepreneur?

Who We Are

When you introduce yourself to Reno Entrepreneurs Club, you will gain access to many Reno Area entrepreneurs, with emphasis on marketing.

Our members will come fromvarious disciplines such as marketing/advertising, operations, manufacturing, finance, entertainment, corporate communication, software, electronics, public relations, community relations, real estate, writing, graphic design, photography, videography, printing, etc.

As an entrepreneur, you will gain access to practical and valuable business resources, lively networking, and current information access. You will gain life-long learning and friendships, and education needed for effective entrepreneurial efforts.

What We Do

Reno Entrepreneurs Club will be a business connection that provides value every step of the way. As a group, we will be committed to helping each other become the experts it takes to succeed in today's business. We will accentuate the following aspects of creating and doing business:

  • Marketing (sell it),
  • Operations (create and deliver),
  • Finance (keep score), and
  • Legal (CYA).

We will offer a variety of venues every month that will allow you to practice what you learn in a risk free environment, such as:

Monthly Luncheon (or Dinner) Meetings:

  • Strategic Interest Groups (SIGs):
  • Periodic meetings for special membership segments

Special Events:

  • Including Seminars, special networking and social events, etc.
  • Opportunities to enhance your professional skills by getting involved in committee and leadership positions, community service, and more?

Reno Entrepreneurs Club Benefits

If you want to gain instant access to the people who drive Reno's entrepreneurial community, Reno Entrepreneurs Club will be the place to be. For more information on joining, contact our Membership Coordinator.

As a member of Reno Entrepreneurs Club, you will have exclusive access to information, tools, resources and services that provide ideas and solutions for the entrepreneurial and business issues you face today and will face tomorrow.

  • Professional development through monthly luncheon programs and periodic workshops Strategic Interest Groups for specific member segments and communication topics
  • Directory of members, including categories of expertise
  • Professional contacts through an active network
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Meeting notices
  • Leadership, learning and service opportunities
  • Interaction with local communication and business professionals
  • Job Bank for employers and job seekers
  • Member rates to monthly luncheons
  • 6-month subscription to our monthly newsletter
  • 6 months unlimited opportunities to learn new skills, compare notes with other entrepreneurs, ask questions, get ideas and establish a support network for business and career development.

Strategic Goals

We will:

  • Help Reno become an "Entrepreneurial Mecca."
  • Successfully educate the business community on the value of our entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Ensure a demand for our skills and products by offering strong networking and professional development opportunities.
  • Help Reno Entrepreneurs Club be the first place businesses go for entrepreneurial assistance.
  • Develop high visibility in the Reno business community providing consultation to business and civic groups on matters requiring entrepreneurial expertise creating a supportive network of members to serve as a resource to outside audiences.
  • Respond quickly to the changing needs of our members.
  • Scout for emerging trends and issues that create new needs.
  • Offer a spectrum of programs that support both networking and professional development.
  • Offer specialized programs to satisfy "niche" interests among members.
  • Provide high quality entrepreneurial and marketing education to members and non-members.
  • Regularly survey members' and the business community's needs and interests, and modify services based on members' suggestions.
  • Provide and promote high-quality presentations and seminars.
  • Value the full participation of all members in programming and decision-making.
  • Communicate effectively to ensure that seminars, programs, and lunch meetings routinely have high attendance. Yada?yada?yada? (that's a joke folks!).
  • Encourage members to share ideas and talents.
  • Promote the value of active involvement, so volunteers get the most from their participation.
  • Promote the expertise of senior members via Reno Entrepreneurs Club leadership, service in the community, and member mentoring.
  • Develop a Reno Entrepreneurs Club Members website with special, valuable Members Only section, with:
    • An online directory of members
    • A library of excellence
    • Helpful links for entrepreneurs
    • Job posting

© 2004 Mike Hayden, Reno Entrepreneurs Club. All rights reserved.

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